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watchOS 8.5: What has Apple changed?

watchOS 8.5: What has Apple changed?

Not only is iOS 15.4 out; A software update for Apple Watch is also available! In this article, you’ll learn what’s new in watchOS 8.5.

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Install watchOS 8.5

around you Apple Watch To update to watchOS 8.5, your smartwatch must be at least 50 percent charged. It must also be connected to the charger and within range of the iPhone. It must be connected to a WiFi network.

Then you can install watchOS 8.5. This can be done via the Settings app on your Apple Watch. Under General, click Software Update and install the update. If Automatic Updates is turned on, it will update at night when your watch is on the charger.

watchOS 8.5: What’s New

While iOS 15.4 An exciting update with many innovations, watchOS 8.5 has little to offer. Notably, the software supports the new ‘Emoji 14’, which brings dozens of new emojis to the watch.

These include face melting, sensual lips, hands making heart gestures, pregnant man, elf, low battery, egg, emotional face with tears, and more. These emojis are also available in iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4.

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Quite a few new functions, but it’s still a good idea to install the temporary update. This way, your Apple Watch is completely up to date and you have the latest security updates.

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