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Waymo partners with Geely to develop new EV – Picture and Sound – News

Alphabet subsidiary Waymo has teamed up with Chinese automaker Geely to develop its latest self-driving electric vehicle. This EV, which will be released under the Zeekr brand, will not have a steering wheel or integrated pedals.

Waymo announced this ad on his blog page Geely Holding Group is one of its companies A native equipment the creator for its upcoming electric cars. This vehicle is being developed by Geely’s premium electric sub-brand Zeekr and was developed in Sweden. The Zeekr vehicle will be used by the independent taxi service Waymo One, which is operated by the company in the US city of Phoenix, western US.

Waymo said the EV will provide customers with more head and leg room, an easier-to-reach entryway for getting in and out, and fully adjustable seating. It will have neither a steering wheel nor pedals, and according to Waymo, it will still meet safety standards for US government vehicles. Waymo hasn’t mentioned any other technical specifications about the car at this time.

This isn’t the first time Waymo has collaborated with other car manufacturers. The Alphabet subsidiary has previously worked with, among others, RenaultNissan Mitsubishi Fiat ChryslerAnd Volvo in a Daimler.

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