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Weather: Quiet with plenty of sun and mostly dry - Weblog Zwolle

Weather: Quiet with plenty of sun and mostly dry – Weblog Zwolle

Zwolle – Early on Thursday morning the temperature in Zwolle dropped to freezing point. Or just sunken beneath it, on the ground as well. It may be slippery in some places, such as bridges, due to frost. It may be necessary to scratch the car windows.

There are clouds but there is plenty of room for blue sky and sun. The atmosphere calmed down temporarily. The winds are so weak you hardly notice that they shift from northwest to southwest during the day. Mercury rises to 6 degrees in low sunlight. All in all, this makes for a very nice day in January. And a dry day, with little chance of a shower later in the afternoon.

Clouds will build up from the west during sunset. The winds will increase to moderate strength 3. It is related to a front that passes on Friday with rain at night. This is mainly made up of rain. Flats and wet snow at night in Zwolle cannot be ruled out, and Twente seems to have more chance of that.

By Friday, that front will be over. Wind strength increased to 4 from the southwest during the night. It seems that the wind will remain on Friday. The sun rises through the shifting clouds. A single shower can mark the path of the Zwolle.

On the weekends, an area with bad weather hits ours head-on. Saturday morning will be dry with some sun. The barometer will drop sharply on Saturday afternoon, so you know what time it is. Heavy rain on schedule and wind. Zwolle feels the first drops on a Saturday afternoon. In the evening and at night descends from the sky.

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Some weather models expect a cloudy appearance on Sunday, while others expect most of the rain to be over. It remains to be seen how exactly that will happen. We’ll keep an eye on it, here in the weather forecast on the Zwolle Weblog.