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What can the audio recorder do in Windows 11?

What can the audio recorder do in Windows 11?

With the Windows 11 Sound Recorder app, you can quickly and easily make recordings, save them in different file formats, and share them.

Do you want to record a podcast or interview in an easy way? If you have Windows 11, there's no need to look for third-party apps. Windows 11 has a handy voice recorder that will take you a long way. You can create, save and share a recording with just a few clicks.

  • Audio Recorder in Windows 11

    Voice Recorder in Windows 11 is a free, pre-installed app that can be easily accessed from the search menu. If the application is not present in your system, you can do this via Microsoft Store Downloadable.

    open it Start menu and search for Sound Recorder. The application is easy to use. If you have multiple microphones, for example because your headphones are connected, select the desired microphone for recording at the bottom left.

  • Record and highlight

    Once you select the correct microphone, you can start recording. You can do this by clicking on the big red Start button located at the bottom center of the screen. You can also do this using a keyboard shortcut CTRL+R. You can stop by clicking the stop button or pressing the space bar.

    Recording can be easily paused by pressing the button Pause button Pay. This pauses the recording in the file, so when you start recording again next, it will be inside the same file. Only when you stop recording will the file be saved automatically. With the job To determine At the bottom right, they indicate specific moments during the recording which are then colored red so that you can easily refer to them afterwards, for example because this part needs to be edited or needs more attention.

  • Save and share

    You can rename the saved audio recording and save it in different file formats. The app will automatically save the file as an m4a file, but you can also choose AAC, MP3, WMA, and FLAC. To save files in a smaller size, you can adjust the sound quality yourself. Finally, you can share the recording by clicking Share icon To click.