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What can we learn from Wordlin’s success?

Millennials are the main driver of the game craze. In the United States, one in 4 million people play Wordley. Yes, the same millennials immersed in interactive swiping and eye-catching graphics every day. According to them, Wordle is a break from everyday routine, delay and, above all, simplicity. The lift pitch for this game is very simple – ask 100 people what the goal of the game is, and 90% of the time you will get the same answer – “guess a word with the power of strategic detection”. This is understandable news for consumers who can easily share with friends and feed.

Additionally, the game is not configured in the application for which you need to download or sign in. The duration of the game from ‘listening’ to ‘playing’ is short. Combine it with the easy-to-understand, hard-to-master structure of the game and you’ve got an experience. You only have to experience it once to become addicted, and you want to.

In the world of eye-catching applications and sophisticated marketing techniques, one of the best measures of success is the ease with which consumers receive a message the next day it is received or received. The simplicity of use has allowed it to gain prominence in our lives – by doing very little. It did not attempt to convey many messages, it only had to say one thing and delivered it simply and reliably.