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The sports director who wants to take the standard has been suspended for sending the Dick film to the United States

Jared Porter (left) and John Saika (right) offered a chance to the football club standard. © rr

Jared Porter, 42, of the United States, has been suspended by the U.S. Baseball Association until 2023 for sending a picture of Dick, along with John Saika, 32, of Canada.

Wim Konings

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The Porter case, which bears a resemblance to Mark Overmers’ misconduct in Ajax, caused a stir in the United States early last year. Porter has only been manager of the popular baseball team for a month New York Mets A few years ago it came to light that he had sent more than sixty sexually dyed and unwanted messages to a female journalist. When she did not answer, he sent her a picture of her genitals.

The woman involved was so overwhelmed by the facts that she first tried to avoid him and eventually left the press. Porter admitted sending the messages, and he was immediately fired New York MetsHe was banned for his conduct by Major League Baseball, the American baseball federation, until 2023. Starting as a coach at the Boston Red Sox, Porter was seen as the leader of scouts at several baseball clubs. A great management skill in the game of baseball. In New York he became the Big Boss for the first time.

Jared Porter.

Jared Porter. © rr

Hockey Zuckerberg

Along with John Saika (32) from Canada, he is now trying to capture the standard. Perhaps more than Porter, Saika is the face of the new generation of sports executives in North America. At age 26, he became the youngest general manager of the ice hockey team.

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At the age of 19 he co-founded Ice Hockey Database ‘Stotlet’ with his older sister Megan and his partner Neil Lane. He was called the ‘Zuckerberg of Hockey’ because he was able to sell his data to ice hockey clubs. As a result, he was eventually allowed to start with the Arizona Coyotes. In Arizona, he met Porter, who was then assistant general manager of the local baseball-team there.

John Saika.

John Saika. © Getty Images via AFP

Apart from Saika and Porter, there are three other parties with a firm interest in capturing Standard. U.S. 777, retired South Korean player and Russian billionaire Sergei Lomakin. It is not yet known whether they have already submitted a proposal. Interested investors can bid on Standard until Friday, February 18th.

Currently 99% of the shares of Standard are still owned by Bruno Venonci. In its most recent year accounts, Rouches again recorded a loss of twenty million euros. As a result, the club is urgently looking for new capital.