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What different hearing aids are there?

Compatible: What types of hearing aids are available?

Hearing damage at an early age? It is helpful to ask yourself what different hearing aids are available.

Hearing damage at an early age is as common as in old age. Very annoying, but don’t be shy about it. Take action and find the utilities that perfectly fit your lifestyle and appearance today. This is how you can be happy these days Hearing protection Make it customized to prevent (more) hearing damage and you can use hearing aids to improve your hearing.

There are different types of hearing aids, all of which are discussed below. Do you suffer from hearing damage? Do something about this! You still want to be able to have fun Music And good conversations, navigating safely through traffic?

Various hearing aids

There are different types of hearing aids, all of which are discussed below.

Hearing aids in the ear or behind the ear

The first type of hearing aid, which is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, is the in-ear hearing aid. The stethoscope is fully inserted into the ear canal. There are five different types of in-ear hearing aids, ranging from invisible in the canal to fully in-ear. The latter type fits in the outer ear, while the smaller type sits almost invisibly in the ear. You can also get a behind-the-ear stethoscope, the most common type. All parts of the headset are located behind the ear. These parts come into contact with the ear mold in the ear via a tube. Behind-the-ear hearing aids often have more options than in-ear hearing aids.

Types of in-ear hearing aids

The smallest device available is a fully intra-canal hearing aid, also known as a CIC. This type of hearing aid is specially made so that it fits well in the ear canal. Here the hearing aid is almost invisible to others. Another type is in-channel (ITC) hearing aids, which are also very discreet and small. The most obvious model, suitable for severe hearing loss, is the half-in-ear hearing aid. For really severe hearing loss, an in-ear cup is also a good option. Finally, there is also the invisible in-channel (IIC) hearing aid, which can automatically adapt to the sound environment.

Types of behind-the-ear hearing aids

There are two types of behind-the-ear hearing aids. The first is miniRITE, which is a small and discreet variant. This headset is suitable for most forms of hearing loss and for almost all types of ear canals. There are also hearing aids with open structures. This type is able to adapt to different listening situations. Furthermore, the ear canal remains open, allowing sound to enter the ear normally.

Other types of hearing aids

Hearing aids can also be divided into other categories. For example, there are rechargeable hearing aids that contain rechargeable batteries. You don’t have to replace the batteries anymore, because you can charge them during the night. You can also choose the Bluetooth hearing aid. This allows you to connect your hearing aids to devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, or TV. For example, you can hear the sound from the TV directly in your ear.

Hearing or hearing protection?

Not sure if you need hearing protection or hearing aid? Sometimes these two concepts are confused, but there are differences. Hearing protection is used to prevent hearing damage. Hearing protection can be specially designed to fit perfectly in your ear canal. However, if you have already developed hearing damage, a hearing aid is often necessary. A hearing aid amplifies sounds so that people with a hearing loss can hear better.

If you have the impression that you are hearing less recently and may need hearing assistance, you can have a hearing test at a hearing care professional. look here For more information on that.

What different hearing aids are there?

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