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What does the Meta bot think of the company?  They are taking advantage of people.  This has to stop."

What does the Meta bot think of the company? They are taking advantage of people. This has to stop.”

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Meta, the parent company behind Facebook, has launched a new chat program that has a bit of positivity to say about CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This is evidenced by a test conducted by the BBC, among other things.

Meta’s new chatbot, which will be called Blenderbot 3, opened to the public in the United States on Friday. According to the company, the robot uses artificial intelligence and can talk about “almost any topic”.

BBC News He ran the test and asked the bot about CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Answer: “He did a terrible job testifying before Congress. He worries me about our country.” Then the robot proceeded to say that “our country is divided” and “it is (Zuckerberg, editor) He didn’t contribute positively to it at all.” Then it went from bad to worse. His company is taking advantage of people for money and he doesn’t care. He has to stop!” the bot responded.

Meta says the chatbot is a prototype and can give rude and insulting answers. The program “learns” from large amounts of publicly available linguistic data. BlenderBot 3 algorithm scans the internet to prove its answers. It is possible that his opinion of Zuckerberg “learned” from the opinions of other people who analyzed the algorithm.

also with interested in trade They asked the chatbot about Zuckerberg. There was the answer that the “creepy” guy. In the The Wall Street Journal Then they were told that Donald Trump would always be the President of the United States.

It’s not very publicity for Meta, but they put an online chatbot into the company for a reason. It needs data. Allowing an AI system to talk to people in the real world leads to longer and more varied conversations, as well as more diverse feedback.


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