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What is the formula for a long and healthy life?  The Seven Principles of the Belgian demographer Michel Poulin |  is reading

What is the formula for a long and healthy life? The Seven Principles of the Belgian demographer Michel Poulin | is reading

Living by the sea is healthy. Sea air stimulates the human immune system. This was proven for the first time this month by researchers from the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), Ghent University and UAntwerp.. They did this on the basis of laboratory tests using aerosols generated by spraying seawater.

What places on Earth are still healthy to live in? “Blue Zones” for example. These are the places where people stay healthy longer and also live significantly longer. More 100-year-olds live there than on average.

5 “Blue Zones”

Currently, 5 “blue zones” have been identified: a number of villages in Sardinia, the island of Okinawa in Japan, the island of Ikaria in Greece, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, and since 2019 also Martinique.

Belgian demographer Michel Poulin conducted research on this matter. Sylvie Gadin, professor of demography at VUB, was one of his students.

“They are often mountain villages,” she says in “Sophie’s World.” “So people were forced to exert themselves physically until old age, and they did not stop. They also had to walk on those mountain slopes.”

“These are often relatively closed communities, and their diet – lots of fruits and vegetables and less meat consumption – also plays a role. Although this closedness has now changed somewhat, the ‘blue zones’ are not static.”

How to grow healthy?

Michel Poulin also moved 7 principles Which you must respect in order to grow up healthy. Gadin lists them:

1. Move naturally: You don’t have to be a top athlete, but it is important to stay active. Incorporate physical activity naturally into your daily routine. Make walking, gardening, swimming, or other physical activities part of daily life.

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2. Eat sensibly: Focus on a plant-based diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and legumes. Limit processed foods and sugar. Moderate your portion sizes.

3. Avoid stress and get enough sleep: Manage stress through relaxation techniques (such as meditation, yoga) or by spending time with loved ones. Forget that the latter is also relaxing. Get enough quality sleep so your body can recover and rejuvenate. This isn’t obvious to everyone – we often live hectic lives – but it’s advice you can take more seriously.

4. Invest in strong family ties: The social aspect is also important. Family is a support network that provides emotional stability, love, and a sense of belonging.

5. Encourage strong community support: Engage with your community and build strong social networks. Social connections contribute to a sense of purpose and provide emotional and practical support.

6. Respect the planet: Live sustainably by reducing waste, recycling and being aware of your environmental impact. Enhance your connection with nature and strive to protect it, because nature is good for your health.

7. Have a goal in life: Pursue a goal, because that can give direction and meaning to your life. This can be done through work, hobbies and volunteer work.