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What's wrong with Club Brugge?  "The qualifiers are a mental issue anyway" |  extra time

What’s wrong with Club Brugge? “The qualifiers are a mental issue anyway” | extra time

Club Brugge is going through a difficult period at the start of the Champions Qualifiers. This topic is also discussed at an additional time. “In the good period of Brugge, everything was mixed up and now everything is left.”

What is happening with Club Brugge? The Extra Time Committee also looked into the tormented captain’s problems in the Champions Qualifiers. “The most important players are not in good shape,” says Wesley Sohnke and Jan Buscamp agree.

“If your most important players don’t do it, you will have problems,” says Buscamp. “There are men like Former, Vanaken and Mata who are far below their level. This has been going on for a while.”

“The club only created 3 chances in 90 minutes in Genk,” says Geert Verhein. “The biggest difference with the club’s good period is that you cannot hold on to any position at that time.” “Everything was mixed up, but all the sites were busy. Now everything is left. De Keitelari is on the left and Lang is on the right.”

The qualifiers are a mental issue anyway. You have to remain calm and calm when defeated, but this is easier said than done.

Verhein changed

Verheyen sees another side. “Qualifiers are an issue of mind anyway. You have to remain calm and calm in case of defeat, but it is easier said than done. Of course it affects your mood. It gives an unpleasant and weird feeling.”

After the defeat at Genk, Ruud Former criticized the point-cutting system in the play-offs. “You’d better not do that,” says Fairhain. “Not for yourself or your teammates, because everyone hears those interviews.”

“I think you as a captain are not giving a good signal. As an opponent you still think he’s under the skin. It’s kind of an admission that it makes you nervous. I still need 4 out of 6 against Antwerp.”

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