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WhatsApp iPad is coming: hints found in beta

WhatsApp iPad is coming: hints found in beta

WhatsApp for iPad leaked in beta

WhatsApp was already working on Make the app available on multiple devices. When this became known, Will Cathcart (Head of WhatsApp at Facebook) did not want to confirm whether they were actively working on The WhatsApp to make it suitable for IPAD. Mark Zuckerberg hinted that the app is indeed coming, but he also declined to say a timeline. In the beta version now available, Hints are now found he is coming.

WhatsApp now works on multiple devices 2.0 and users can set up the iPad as a new paired device. You can pair up to four devices and a smartphone. Earlier, a company spokesperson said that people will be able to use WhatsApp in the future without having to connect the phone. “Multiple devices means that users have the same functionality that you now have in the current public versions of WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal, but without the need to connect a phone.” The experience will also improve for people using the desktop/web and portal and you can use more different devices in the future.

So you’ll still be accessible via The WhatsApp, even if Iphone Not nearby or empty the battery He is. WABetaInfo expects an iPad release in a future update. It will be a native app that runs independently of your iPhone. So you no longer need a browser. conversations between Iphone employment IPAD synchronous.

in a April 2019 we already wrote About the upcoming iPad version of WhatsApp, but that requires a different phone number. This ultimately did not lead to the solution many people had been waiting for: a true native app.

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Beta WhatsApp for iPad is coming

TestFlight beta users can try it out first. There is already mention in beta, but you can’t download the separate iPad app yet. If you find the latest version in TestFlight, it is not ready yet iPad Rate. However, there are minor innovations, such as newly designed contact information for business contacts. The iPadThe app version will automatically be available to beta testers when it is released.

WhatsApp has more features In Store: For example, a feature was recently announced for Chat history between iOS and Android devices. And in July there was also Improved group chat feature introduced.