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Review: Tour de France 2021 Next Generation Edition

Review: Tour de France 2021 Next Generation Edition

The Tour de France is now over and with National Champion Mathieu van der Poel allowed to wear the yellow jersey for a few days in the first week, it was Bogar who finally won the 2021 edition of cycling’s biggest multi-day event. Publisher Nacon and developer Cyanide release a new version every year Tour de FranceThe game came out and was released last month 2021 Tour de France For the latest generation of consoles and computers. The next version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is now also released | S and we went for a bike ride.

Tour de France 2019 It was the latest edition of this bike series that we reviewed here on NWTV and we can just bring that review back here. 2021 Tour de France Literally Tour de France 2019But with the teams and drivers for this season. Everything remained the same. We still see the same number that should represent the drivers, the graphics and gameplay are exactly the same as the animations, menus and comments have remained unchanged. To be fair, we can already see from the game’s launch trailer that there won’t be much of a difference, but that tends to be a bit of a laziness.

Well, go ahead, a few things have been added since that game a couple of years ago. For example, in the 2020 version, a first-person camera angle has been added, allowing you to see the action from your rider’s eyes. That would be very interesting for the fans, but since the game offers so little graphic, it actually adds up quite a bit. There is now also a special Time Trial Stand that you can use for Time Trials. Then there is the My Tour mode which is in Race mode (single race rides). This allows you to create your own schedule for a total of 21 stages that you can arrange however you like. Ie if you have collected enough XP (Experience Points). Many events are still unlocked, so you have to unlock them first.

Whereas the next generation upgrade for most games gives you a choice between two or even three graphics modes, 2021 Tour de France Only one: 4K and 60 fps. This is actually good. The game looks a bit sharper, runs smoother, load times are kept to a minimum and we sometimes see some sunlight dancing across the screen (especially in first person mode).

So the gameplay has remained largely unchanged and that’s what makes it so 2021 Tour de France Totally inaccessible to the “secular” among us. Just following another racer is pointless because you will eventually lose all your energy and thus be released. You will need to plan your strategy well to be successful. And then that stage or sprint without sprint acceleration also takes a long time. All of this will likely deter non-cycling fans from giving this game a chance at all.

Also in terms of game modes, little has changed 2021 Tour de France. The online-only mode is completely demolished. For the rest, you can choose again from Pro Leader, Pro Team, individual races or stages and there is the tutorial. With Pro Leader you can create your own rider and choose his specialty (runner, climber or multi-skill). Then you will try to climb as high as possible on the world ladder by participating in competitions. Of course, you cannot participate in everything at once, but you will have to perform in small events and achieve your goals. With Pro Team you get a budget with which you can hire a number of riders. Then you decide which matches should culminate and try to finish as high as possible as a team. For the rest, this mode is basically the same as the Pro Leader mode. Finally, there is the Race mode in which you can ride individual races, such as the cycling classics Paris-Roubaix, Liège-Bastogne-Liège, and Tour of Flanders.

Although some minor additions were made, 2021 Tour de France Just an exact copy of the previous versions and we wonder how long a cyanide developer will take with this. Especially in terms of graphics and gameplay, the series is riding on a rickety bike that could collapse at any moment. On the other hand, there is the fact that the developer has been bailed out by the fans, who seem to be satisfied with the update of the teams and riders and they are fine with the game’s lackluster graphics and all the racers are copies of each other.

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The next generation version of Tour de France 2021 has been played on Xbox Series for this review and is also available for PlayStation 5. Additionally, the game can also be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One platform, and PC.