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Where is the best when civilization ends

Assuming that human civilization has come to an end, where is the best chance of survival? Which country is best to fly to?

Where is the best when civilization ends

What if human civilization came to an end? Except that sometimes and in some places the time seems to have already come: where would you escape in such a situation? Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK wanted to know. Here in the Netherlands we are a little unfortunate: New Zealand is becoming the best place to escape the decline of global civilization.

In the research they looked at self-confidence, land fertility and isolation. New Zealand tops the list, followed by Iceland, England, Australia (especially Tasmania) and Ireland. These are all relatively well-insulated areas where a citizen has sufficient fertile land and has sufficient knowledge and technology, for example, to generate energy for a long time. If the Dutch are able to leave on time, the best way is to target England or Ireland.

Read more about the research here: New Zealand is the best to escape from the slump.

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