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‘Now suddenly looks like the eighth wonder of the world’

‘Now suddenly looks like the eighth wonder of the world’

‘Now suddenly looks like the eighth wonder of the world’

Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 1:04 p.m.• Chris Meijer Last Updated: 13:06

Patrick Lodwigs says on the show that Mark Flex has been in the picture with the Netherlands national team for some time Good morning Eredivisie By ESPN. Lodwigs was the goalkeeper coach at Orange between 2018 and last summer, but had to make his way to France after the arrival of Louis van Gaal. Fleck was first called up to the Dutch national team at the previous international in October and is now part of the selection for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Montenegro and Norway.

“We’re very good at saying quickly that everything’s not so good. Which country now has two talented young, good keepers who play at the top level? I’m confident in that. Flex, yes. (PSV) .Lodwijks was asked if he already knew Flex. “Yes definitely. Come. He suddenly appears as the eighth wonder of the world.

Van Call Fleck was called a ‘true Van Call goalkeeper’ and SC Freiberg named the goalkeeper ‘his invention’. “He hasn’t played in a while. If you’ve been a goalkeeper coach at KNVB, go and see what else you have,” Lodwigs said. “We had a guy in Greece (Celtic goalkeeper Vasilios Barcos, ed.), He had both a Dutch and a Greek passport. Eventually he chose Greek. We also had a guy in New Zealand. Has not played.Then look at what you have.Each national coach makes his own assessment.

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Hans Gray Jr. asks Lodwijks if Van Cal is forced to call his two best keepers. “I’m not going to discuss which goalkeepers the national coach chooses,” Lodwicks replied. “Jasper had a bad summer, then got injured again in production and is playing now. I don’t know why that choice didn’t come to him. But the case against Justin has been going on for some time. The selections have been made in the past: Are we bringing him in? At the time, he was out of injury and played a few games. Then you have to choose what works best for him. “

“If Chilchen had not been injured in the production, he might have been there by now. No idea. I think there’s no discussion of Jasper’s qualities. ” Removed.

“He now plays in six league games in a row and was selected as Spain’s best goalkeeper of the month: Can you still have a goal, can you? Can you still go inside if something happens to Bijlow?”, Gray wonders. “There are rumors and stories that he can’t handle his role properly as a reserve goalkeeper. I don’t believe it because I don’t think he’s a bad guy. He has played in 61 internationals and has rarely beaten the Netherlands national team. Is he not a better goalkeeper?”