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Who is still playing the "duo" in the new season of "De mol"?  These theories are popular  television

Who is still playing the “duo” in the new season of “De mol”? These theories are popular television

televisionWhat do we already know about Season 12 of The Mole? The first details have now been sent to the world, but true fans aren't satisfied yet. They know that every little piece of news might contain more hints and they start searching immediately.

We already know the start date – Sunday, March 24 – and the destination – the Italian island of Sicily. In addition, Gilles de Coster (43 years old) will appear again as presenter and on March 17 we will be introduced to the new nominees for the first time at the “Café de mol”.

On that first date, several investigators had already discovered one of the mysterious hints that have since been dropped. Last week, a number of former participants suddenly shared their cycling routes on Strava, which can be combined to form that date. Anyone who put together the methods differently came up with a second idea: the new logo for “De mol”, with a clear “2” in the middle. We also saw this number at the logo display in Ghent, Leuven and Antwerp last Friday and in one of the 'Gert's Table' broadcasts.

The new logo for “D Mall”. © Play 4

In the trailer for the new season, Gilles de Coster places a lot of emphasis on the word “doubles”. Apparently “the mole has been playing doubles for years.” But in Sicily it will be different. Twice the difficulty. Because he's not the only mole playing doubles this time. Ex-spy Jill Van Boel, 35, also used the word in a suspicious Instagram post, which coincidentally also featured three other former moles. Gilles de Coster previously tagged many of the past nominees in a photo on his Instagram Story. The presenter also plays with the word “double”.

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Investigators are closely monitoring Lieutenant Colonel Gil de Coster's social media channels.
Investigators are closely monitoring Lieutenant Colonel Gil de Coster's social media channels. © RV/Play4

Viewers can clearly prepare themselves for an interesting new twist. But what kind of development? There is already intense speculation online. One is convinced that there are two moles, or that the mole is getting help from a new roll. Will the entire game be played in pairs this time, including one multiplayer duo hoping to sabotage everything together? Or maybe we'll see two full sets? It is also noteworthy that fans find the presenter very skeptical in the trailer. Is it the same Gilles de Coster who is playing doubles this season?

The fact that former moles are involved in advertising the new season leads to even more interesting theories. Will all the candidates get help from a former spy this time to unmask the current saboteur? Some fans are even convinced that it will be an “all-star version”, with the group consisting solely of former moles. However, it seems that this theory was quickly debunked by other committed viewers, because registration for the program was open to everyone this year – just like in previous years.

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