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Lukaku wants to visit Eriksen in hospital: "But there is no place for pity on the field" |  European Football Championship 2020

Lukaku wants to visit Eriksen in hospital: “But there is no place for pity on the field” | European Football Championship 2020

The Devils are already training tonight on the field where Eriksen fell a few days ago. “It helps,” Lukaku said before training. “But I’m trying to put it behind me. Now my head is in the match, we have to keep going.”

Lukaku knows Eriksen from Inter. “I already sent him a message and he told us he is fine. I have already asked the coach if I can visit him in the hospital, we will see if that is possible. But now he should have time with his family to rehabilitate her.”

“We have prepared something with the group tomorrow. In the 10th minute we will kick the ball outside and salute. That is our support. It is the most natural thing in the world because we have many players in the group who know him personally.”

“But tomorrow we will also be here to win, and this remains the most important mission. There is no room for pity at this level.”

“It will definitely not be an easy match,” Lukaku knows. “Denmark are a really good team and now they have extra motivation. We certainly don’t underestimate them. This will be a good test.”

According to Lukaku, it’s a good thing that Kevin De Bruyne, Axel Witsel and Eden Hazard are fit. “It’s important that we can develop our team. I’m happy they are there and I hope they get minutes and win as a team.”

“Now that everyone is back, we need to build momentum and grow into our best shape.”

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