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Why is the vaccine moving so fast in the United States?

Why is the vaccine moving so fast in the United States?

One reason is that vaccination happens so quickly because the vaccine reserve is large. “That’s enough here. There’s no need to prioritize specific groups,” Walkmester says. “Everyone has enough.”


According to the reporter, the United States has already concluded contracts for vaccine products at an early stage. Those contracts were approved in advance and they paid well. For example, there is always a contribution to research. “

Law also plays a role. The United States already pulled emergency laws last year to put vaccine manufacturers at the forefront of supplying raw materials. So from the beginning it was handled very tightly. Now the shelves with them are full. ”

‘National Emergency’

“They have approached it here as a kind of national emergency, and both the private and public parties are working hard to bring those levels into US arms as quickly as possible,” the reporter said.

Vaccination centers are set up in many places, for example in parking lots and sports stadiums. You can stand in line without an appointment. Wherever you go it feels like a kind of national activity. And then it goes too fast. “

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