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South African scientists identify new variant of COVID with ‘increased transmission’

New research has found a new strain that is more contagious than COVID-19 in South Africa and elsewhere.

C.1.2. This variant was discovered by scientists from South African groups, the KwaZulu-Natal research discovery and sequence site, known as the Crisp and National Institute for Infectious Diseases. The flag was first hoisted in May and later in the nine provinces of South Africa and the Democratic republics of Congo, Mauritius, Portugal, New Zealand and Switzerland.

According to Bloomberg, the researchers said the mutations found in these variants give “increased susceptibility to contagion” and “increased ability to avoid antibodies to previous infections and recovery or vaccination”.

Crispin director Tulio de Oliveira said at an immunization conference on Monday that researchers are still exploring how vaccinated and non-vaccinated people respond to the new variant.

“It was only found in about 100 genes, which is very low,” he said. “It’s still a very small percentage, but again, we’ll take care of it. It has all the features of an immune escape.”

However, researchers note that C.1.2. He has a “horoscope associated with mutations”.

According to the paper, the new variant was 2% and the delta variant was 89% of all cases in South Africa in July.

Only 14% of the South African population is fully vaccinated.