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Why not raise your thumbs to the chef in Iran or wait before eating bread in France: these are the 'etiquette' in different countries |  to eat

Why not raise your thumbs to the chef in Iran or wait before eating bread in France: these are the ‘etiquette’ in different countries | to eat

Whether you’re walking around Barcelona or Bruges: you see the same food chains everywhere and everyone chooses sushi or tries a recipe from Ottolenghi. The world looks like one big village, where the same (eating) habits apply. But nothing could be further from the truth: each country has its own “etiquette”. Our culinary journalist lists reasons not to raise your thumbs to a chef in Iran and other important food habits you would like to be aware of.

Facebook and Netflix might give us an idea that we’re all the same: we still surprisingly have many typical (eating) habits. Etiquette in your country is not necessarily the norm anywhere else, which can sometimes lead to crazy misunderstandings. And this is while etiquette actually makes social interaction easier and more meaningful, so that you feel comfortable at any time and in any situation. our area What to do and what not to do Undoubtedly familiar to you, but once you visit other places, different criteria apply.

not big

So it is important to inform you, so as not to cut a bad character. Or worse, insulting an entire people. Putting your thumbs up because you like a dish in a restaurant, for example, can be a sign of encouragement with us: in Iran A grievous insult. Even if that thumbs-up is accompanied by a friendly smile at the chef. in India Can you come over and peek at the pots again, but point out your favorite dish? You don’t do it with your finger, you do it with your chin.

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keep yourself

You are not such a backpacker and France enough already? Until then you have to be careful. For example, don’t cut French toast and lettuce. Break the bread and fold it carefully with a fork and knife. And don’t throw yourself this delicious baguette as soon as it’s on the table. Stop and wait for the rest of the food to arrive, if you want to do it like the real French do. If you order a coffee or cola at the table and then settle down on the balcony, you’re sure to get a tense look too. After all, different prices apply in France depending on where you take a seat. You pay less at the bar, and more on the balcony. So no, this French groomer is not unfriendly to any tourist, he is only convinced that you are cheating on him.


Don’t immediately jump on the baguette that arrives at the table in France, but wait to eat it until the rest of the food is on the table.

Messy and Messy Vs. neatly and neatly arranged

Where we are surprised in our country that there are dirty tissues and used toothpicks on the floor, that is, in Spain Just a positive sign. If that famous tapas bar turns out to be a mess, then that mess means you’re dealing with a thriving business. Here you can just dump all that trash on the floor.

in England On the other hand, it is more formal. Logical, there it is queuing, also known strictly as queue, is a national sport. Anyone who violates this rule will not be deported. The British are also very serious when it comes to afternoon tea. More than just a cup of tea, this is a party: a social event with cakes and sandwiches, creamy sugar tea and a cloud of cold milk. also Germans Clarity of love and known punktlich. Being late is not an option. Not at the restaurant I booked in and not at the friends I invited for dinner.

Afternoon tea in England is not just afternoon tea, but a real social event. © Shutterstock

No coffee with milk in the afternoon

It feels more relaxed in southern countries, although there are plenty of unwritten rules that you can easily break if you don’t know better. They betray that you are not local. in Italia You can easily register with a simple cup of coffee and you can register instantly. Suppose you, like any Italian, order your coffee at the bar counter and know exactly what you want, you will have instant success. But once their esteem goes up all of a sudden, you can go down the rank of respect again. For example, if you order a cappuccino in Italy in the afternoon, it will mercilessly fall into the basket: this is an absolute. I do not go. You’ll get espresso with steamed milk, but you’ve lost the Italian respect for good. In this country, too, different prices apply to the table, to the table or to the balcony. Something not many tourists realize in Piazza San Marco in Venice until after that.

In Italy it is better not to order a cappuccino in the afternoon: then they will immediately know that you are a tourist.

In Italy it is better not to order a cappuccino in the afternoon: then they will immediately know that you are a tourist. © Shutterstock

remains the big thing The secret of pasta. In Italy, the pasta you order is not the main course, but just an appetizer. Your menu begins with appetizers, after which you move on to pasta, followed by the main course: fish or meat. If you want vegetables with it, it is better to order them separately. And anywhere in your country you can still eat pasta with a knife and fork, in Italy you prefer to eat it with a spoon and fork, preferably even with only a fork. Anyone who cuts pasta is sure to be viewed with disapproval. Bonus tip: Taste the pasta first, and only then add Parmesan cheese, pepper, or salt. To end the dinner party completely follows dulce With a cup of espresso, and finish it with a cup of limoncello or amaretto. No one has ever claimed that you will lose weight in Italy.

far East

Finally, if you travel to the Far East, you have to maintain your focus. in China He seems fine. Burping, talking with your mouth full, hitting, gorging, spitting out bones, … but appearances are deceiving. Here all the dishes are placed in the middle and the idea is to taste everything without having an obvious favourite. And as tasty as it is: leave some leftovers, otherwise you will give the impression that you are not satisfied.


In China, be sure to put some leftovers on your plate, otherwise they will think you are not satisfied.

Japanese Hot love in order again. Every time your cup is empty, you get refills, and before you know it you’re on a treadmill. So take small sips or stick to a simple toast and ignore your own good. Chopsticks can also cause the necessary stress. Not only does it require some skills, there are also a lot of rules attached to it. Just mimic the rest of your party. This is usually a good guide. Look around, check out what the rest of the terrace or restaurant is doing and imitate the locals. The best guarantee to avoid painful “etiquette” slips.

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