In keeping with the slogan “Gigabit Power. Smart Wi-Fi.” AVM will present robust home network solutions for broadband connections at the 2021 Global Broadband Forum (BBWF). Business visitors attending the physical event at RAI in Amsterdam (13-14 October) can experience FRITZ’s powerful and versatile products for cable, fibre-optic, DSL and 5G. In addition, AVM will also present the products as part of a virtual BBWF event (October 11-15).

FRITZ cable will be introduced! New Box 6690 and FRITZ Wireless Router! Box 4060 tri-band for the first time. The two latest products, equipped with innovative mesh technology and Wi-Fi 6 – FRITZ, will also be discussed! Box 5530 Fiber for all popular fiber optic connections in Europe and FRITZ! Repeater 6000 Tri-band. This allows users to integrate more devices into their home network, without the hassle of wires, and enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi over a wide area, including gigabit speeds in the “wireless home.” Finally, FRITZ will also be discussed! Box 6850 5G through BBWF. The 5G all-in-one router provides a versatile network within the smart home.

FRITZ! Box 6690 Cable – Strong Internet Cable

Celebrating cable FRITZ! Box 6690 – the new top model with Wi-Fi 6 for cable internet – launched this year at BBWF. With 2×2 OFDM(A) channel binding support according to DOCSIS 3.1, the cable achieves FRITZ! Box 6690 Maximum speeds of up to 6 Gbit/s upstream and 2 Gbit/s upstream. Thanks to the powerful 4 x 4 Wi-Fi 6, FRITZ! The new Box also enables gigabit speeds for multiple devices in a home network. The combination of Wi-Fi 6 technology and AVM’s Mesh Wi-Fi ensures that all devices in the home have stable Wi-Fi, even in apartments or large homes. Score FRITZ! The Box 6690 also scores highly when it comes to connectivity options, with one 2.5 Gigabit and three Gigabit LAN ports, as well as two USB 3.0 ports. Network devices such as storage media and printers can be easily integrated into a home network. The comprehensive offer includes smart home functionality and a complete telephone system (DECT, IP, ISDN, analog), including answering machines with useful functions such as call forwarding. These solutions make life easier for users, too – or perhaps especially – when they are working from home.

FRITZ! Box 4060 – Wireless Router with Wi-Fi 6 and DECT for Telephony and Smart Home

With FRITZ! Box 4060, AVM introduces a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 wireless router for the first time, ideal for connecting to an existing fiber optic or cable modem. The FRITZ chest is ready! Box has three radio units and a total of 12 antennas, which means Wi-Fi data rates of up to 6 Gbit/s are possible. MEET THE FRITZ BOX! Box 4060 Tri-Band sets the highest demands on Wi-Fi and helps users get the most out of their smartphones and other mobile devices thanks to Wi-Fi 6. Together with FRITZ Tri-Band! Repeater 6000, is FRITZ! The new Box 4060 is the perfect networking system for Wi-Fi for a large area and for multiple devices. Come FRITZ! Box 4060 is a new white standing design and is equipped with a 2.5 Gigabit WAN connection, as well as three additional Gigabit LAN ports and a USB 3.0 port. In addition, the FRITZ! Box 4060 is the first model in the FRITZ series! Box 4000 to support DECT technology. This gives users a powerful wireless router with a complete phone system and the ability to connect all FRITZ devices! Use of smart home products. Other features include FRITZ! Box features extended parental controls, a media server for photos, music and videos, as well as Wi-Fi guest access and remote access via MyFRITZ!.

Photo courtesy of Editors WINMAG Pro