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Wilders and Bodett fight each other over vaccination...

Wilders and Bodett fight each other over vaccination…


PVV leader Gert Wilders and FVD leader Thierry Bodet quarrel. On Twitter, the two Dutch leaders are squabbling over each other over vaccinations. “You shouldn’t have been vaccinated ostensibly, Geert,” said Bodet on Twitter, who recently held anti-fax positions. “You’re crazy,” Wilders replied. It is the first time that the two right-wing/ultra-right populist politicians have openly come into conflict with each other.

Wilders commented on the press conference of Prime Minister Mark Root and Health Minister de Jonge on Friday evening. Both indicated that as many Dutch people as possible wanted to vaccinate themselves. “We will regain our freedom, and the procedures will stop, if hospitalization and IC are manageable. That is the case now, but the procedures will continue.” Rutte is even hinting at a forced vaccination in the future, according to the PVV commander. “Dishonest and unacceptable.”

Baudy responded on Twitter: “That’s why you haven’t ostensibly vaccinated yourself, Gert.” He was referring to a vaccination selfie that Wilders shared when he was shot. “This is bullshit,” Wilders says. “I have absolutely nothing against vaccination – on the contrary – but it should always be everyone’s choice, so it is never obligatory, no coercion or pressure.”

Then Bowdy dedicated no fewer than fifteen tweets to the discussion, accusing Wilders of legalizing lockdowns and other measures because he took the vaccine himself. He also shares all kinds of scientific lies. Wilders also points to the PVV movement against compulsory vaccination previously adopted at home. “Sorry, but you’re crazy. Have a nice weekend!” said Wilders.