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Will the New Zealand farm become a community farm?

Will the New Zealand farm become a community farm?

Many (part-time) farmers

One more dairy farm on 75 hectares of land and 125 dairy cows is supposed to be a mixed farm where several (part-time) farmers work together in a few years. The project moves from the typical model of a farmer on a farm.

We really need the new crop of farmers in the Netherlands and they see that we have to handle things differently.

Frank Remrey, chairman of the committee, said: “It is almost impossible for young people in the Netherlands to live and work on a farm, unless your parents already have a farm. We urgently need to replace it. .Our landscape and our biodiversity are the result of our unhealthy agricultural policy for 50 years.We are bringing about a change in this, so we are more fundamental in the sense of community: living in an agricultural company and working together, looking after an attractive landscape and focusing on the growth and restoration of biodiversity is considered normal. , More crops are grown naturally and they should be sold.

Young volume

“I do not expect the younger generation to be able to earn full income from it immediately. The question is whether we should go back to that old model. I see a group of farmers working together, who are earning a whole other part of their income. It is only healthy. And prevents you from sitting in your own bubble. “

Old family farm

Farmer Anton Remy, whose purchase agreement has now been terminated, has no heir. But since he is involved in his old family farm, he wants to continue working on the farm for a few more years and live there for the time being. This is possible in the contracts that have now been made: Remy will continue to run his dairy farm for another 2 years, after which he will continue to volunteer for 3 years. Frank Remeri: “A better solution for both parties, we can grow in it and Anton can gradually leave.”

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Over the next three months, the organization’s team will negotiate with wealthy private individuals to fund this ambitious project. This is because the project should not stand in the way of other goals.

Sun Park

Other explorations need to be done with municipal and provincial plans to realize a large-scale solar park next to the plots that Land One Ones now wants to buy. Frank Remy: “Sustainable energy is important, but if millions are invested in improving the landscape and biodiversity, then if there is a large-scale solar park next, the quality of that landscape will not continue.”