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Willie Somers Almost Said No To "Ten Let's See" From...

Willie Somers Almost Said No To “Ten Let’s See” From…

Willie Somers almost said no when he received a proposal to make a “ten let’s see.” He was afraid that he would not be able to bring his own songs to the music program, and everyone advised him not to do so for fear that the commercial channel would not go viral. “But it couldn’t get any worse in Flemish business at the time, so I did it anyway.”

Willie Somers was a guest on Sven & Anke on Joe Wednesday morning. Willie said he had to think twice when asked by Mike Ferdering and Guido Depraeter long ago. TOTZ To provide. His first answer was “If I have a song myself, then I can’t sing it on that music show.” Seeing as they assured him that it wouldn’t be the case because it would be a twosome show, he started hesitating to say yes to their proposal, even though he had no presenting experience.

Willy was given a week to answer whether he took the job, but during that week his close friends, parents, and entourage advised against accepting the offer. “Willie don’t, if it ends badly…” Everyone fears that if things go badly for that trade channel, his career may end. But Willy did not listen. “Back in the ’80s it was really surviving on Flemish performances, and it couldn’t have gotten any worse.” The presentation has already changed his career, but in a positive way.

Over 500,000 people have recently started watching VTM replays, and Willy is enjoying it.

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