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“Mother care” is another much-needed effort by someone who still believes in change

“Mother care” is another much-needed effort by someone who still believes in change

Nowhere is the glass half as full as in the minister’s head. Standing in the blaze, the flames lick the ankles, in the worst case it is very warm at this time of the year.

If 6 per cent of the Flemish people are unemployed, the relevant minister sees this 94 in his report. 3% of Flemish people are on the waiting list for social housing? 97 percent, a lot! Forget for a moment that these are 396,000 and 150,000 people respectively. And that the waiting period for such a home is four years. Of a total of 6.6 million people, what is 40,000 Flemish people who should live at ridiculous wages called “living wages”? 40,000 men fill King Baudouin Stadium for four-fifths. You hardly see them.

Maybe we should build a ridge around it. Parliament looks much better than a few thousand social housing, and the more ministers, the more good news. Before you know it, there is no longer a poverty gap. If the gap is wide enough, it will automatically turn out easy. Enough space for 680,000 people who were living below the poverty line in Flanders before the pandemic. Another 90 in the report.

Do you know why there is absolutely no structural intervention in this area? Because the poor are tired of taking to the streets in droves. Some soccer clubs want to create a private league? Thousands of fans equipped with stadium signage and the entire plan was eliminated within 48 hours. You’re less likely to protest if you can’t afford to buy a train, let alone a babysitter. If you are no longer able to open the message inbox because it is only spreading bad news. Just because you don’t hear the whining doesn’t mean there is no suffering.

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Take care of my mom It is another much-needed effort by someone who still believes in change, from someone who knows that a small nudge in the right direction, one helping hand, can be enough to revolutionize a person’s life. Not everyone can do it alone. And no one claims that every poor is holy. Some have a fair share of their dire situation. But bankruptcy is not a crime. Poverty does not deserve punishment, poverty is the punishment.

A tribute to Christelle Verbecki, who is playing her role on this lively. She knows what she is and strikes the perfect tone; Not silly or encouraging, but full of sympathy. Greetings of appreciation to all the street workers who try to bridge the leaks in the soil of our society every day with little means. That is only heard if a goal can be scored with them.

Well-being does not mean civilization, nor poverty. But the latter is not well portrayed in an election brochure.

Take care of my momEvery Tuesday at 8:35 pm, one day.