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With partial transfer there is still room to play

With partial transfer there is still room to play

Jost and his wife do not have a car. Neighbors’ cars often take up the parking space in front of their house, but Ghost hopes to make more space available. “If more people start using shared transportation, the street will be more fun.”

The streets are not just for cars

Jost sees more cars parked on his street than he drives. He thinks it’s too bad. “I would like more green spaces and play in the street. Now when children are playing in the street, their ball quickly hits a car. We have a son who is over a year old and when he grows up, I want him to be able to play in the street safely and carefree.”

The young family lives in Wittevrouwen, a vibrant city area that they would not trade for anything in the countryside. “But it would be nice if there were fewer cars parked on the street. They sit almost all week. It might be somewhere else. It’s strange that we are used to streets full of cars, but maybe we can get used to that too!”

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52 football pitches with potentially empty spaces

In the Netherlands, cars are parked an average of 23 out of 24 hours a day. In Utrecht, 27% of cars drive less than 3 times a month. This means that approximately 28,000 cars in Utrecht are always stationary. Parking space is approximately 12 square meters. This is a total of 52 football fields of potential free space. Sources: CROW, Research Master City Developer, Deloitte

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