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The outdoor museum fills Zwolle’s public space with art for two weeks – RTV Focus

Zwolle – Monday 4 April to Sunday 17 April 2022 The outdoor museum will fill
Public spaces in Zwolle with art. Art by Melle Mijnhardt, initiator and de
Innovator of the outdoor museum. An open-air museum where there are two
It will be displayed in billboards all the way for weeks. paintings that
Used for commercial messages, used by HET
The outdoor museum is temporarily used as an exhibition space.

Melle Mijnhardt is a designer (FABRIEKFANATIEK), thinker and coach. if
The designer has been shaping label campaigns all the way for ten years now. with the
Outside the museum this time using billboards and public places to do something
Instead of asking passersby.

Initiator Melle Mijnhardt about the outside museum: “When I walk or walk around town,
I notice temporary things more than others. Redirects, a new test site or
roadside drive. They are often functional and you take them for granted. the last
Time I have an increasing desire to do more of my own work. I want my own business
I like to display in public because it belongs to you and me that way
It can add something amazing and colorful to your street view. That’s why I open the IT department
Open air museum. The museum is open to all. Surprise you on the way
To the supermarket or to work. Without realizing it, you are a visitor to
Open air museum. “

When I walk or walk around town, temporary things strike me the most. Millie Meinhardt

More information about the outdoor museum can be found at