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Witsel returns to Dortmund after six months: 'I feel like a newcomer' |  Bundesliga

Witsel returns to Dortmund after six months: ‘I feel like a newcomer’ | Bundesliga

At the European Championship, Axel Witsel showed that his Achilles tendon had fully recovered, and now he can also show it in Dortmund after 6 months of absence. “The most important thing is to feel good,” says the Red Devil.

In January, Axel Witsel tore his Achilles tendon, marking the end of his season in Dortmund. After a difficult rehabilitation, the Red Devil was able to play for the first time in the European Championships with the Belgians.

After 6 months of absence, he can now get his yellow-black Dortmund clothes from the wardrobe. Yesterday Witsel joined the group on an internship in Switzerland. “It’s been so long,” he said upon arrival. “I feel a little bit like a newcomer.”

“I haven’t seen my teammates for 6 months, so I am really happy to be back. Most importantly, I feel really good. It was a tough period. I had to work hard to get fit for the EC. Fortunately I was able to play 4 games without pain” .

You always have to fight to be in the starting line-up, that’s the beauty of football

Axl Weasel

Witsel has to impress a new coach this season: Marco Rose has moved from Borussia Mönchengladbach. “We’ve talked quite a bit already, but I haven’t trained yet,” Witsel said.

The Red Devil has to deal with a lot of competition in midfield. “You always have to fight to be in the starting lineup, that’s the beauty of football,” Witsel remains sober. If necessary, he wants to take a stab in the ass. “Everyone knows that I prefer playing as a defensive midfielder, but if we don’t have enough defenders, I will help the team.”

Dortmund will start the competition against Eintracht Frankfurt in two weeks. “We have to play at the same level for a whole season and then we can achieve more than last season,” Witsel concluded.

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