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Workshop for SW teachers in the Netherlands

Workshop for SW teachers in the Netherlands

June 24, 2024

Workshop for SW teachers in the Netherlands

On 16 April 2024, a study day was organized for all employees at Social Work Inholland.
It was at the Hotel Valun Alkmaar where we also gave a workshop.

Our team presented two different workshops.
Anis worked with a teacher from Inholland Haarlem.
They conducted a workshop on technology in healthcare.
Our intern Zandra also contributed to this.

Shavili, Maruszka, Rico and Miriam presented the workshop “………….”
Rico opened.
We also introduced ourselves and people who weren’t there came over as well.

Marushka briefly explained what a strong place is
What does LFB mean?

We went there to do an exercise: What do we have in common?
You had to take it a step further.
Other colleagues also asked the SW teachers a question
What do we have the same? By Marushka

We all stand up.
We are looking for something where we are all the same.
I’ll read a question later: The question is Who loves dancing like me As a hobby?
If this applies to you, take it a step further.

Chaveli read the second question
Rico read the third question
Miriam read the last question

Schauffele did the word spider with the word restriction.
Discuss in pairs and write What is her opinion on the word LIMITATION? And Please be open and honest.
A lot came out of that.

Schauffele: Tells her own story

Maruszka: tells her own story

Rico: Tells his own story

Myriam briefly explains the different topics/capabilities in which the STERKplaats team can be deployed:
Among other things, we are required to study flexible part-time in
Introduction/orientation day and inspirational lunches
Next week in the new AD social work course lesson day
Disabled care here in Alkmaar.
My colleagues also enjoy working on practical tasks
In March, we offered a guest lesson to sophomores at Southwestern
After the lesson, a number of students came to us with questions
To participate in an investigation or documentary

A short trial exercise By Marushka
Everyone first receives a piece of paper and a pen or marker
Soon – if you say so – everyone will be writing down 5 things that mean a lot to you
Things that are very dear to you.
For example, your parents, your pet, freedom, riding lessons, girlfriend, jewelry
You will have one minute to do this
The time starts now!

This was my question to social work staff
How does this feel for you?
What does it do to you when someone decides for you what you can and cannot do with your life?
What does this say about your own direction?

Take a step forward: by Rico
Everyone gathers for a moment.
I’ll state a question and then you can take it a step further.
Or remain standing.
Everyone stands up.
Take a step forward if you took something away from this workshop
(Ask some people What Take them from the guest lesson)

Take it a step further if you enjoyed your guest lecture

(Ask some people What They liked the guest lesson)

Thank you very much for your interest and commitment.