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World Champion Mark Selby is open about mental issues: 'This is my biggest win' |  snooker

World Champion Mark Selby is open about mental issues: ‘This is my biggest win’ | snooker

Mark Selby is one of the biggest names in the snooker world today. The English won the World Cup for the fourth time last year and was No. 1 in the world for a while.

But at the last Masters, the most prestigious tournament of the year after the World Cup, Selby made a bad impression. Last week he lost in the second round against Barry Hawkins. In that match, Selby remained well below his usual level.

After his defeat to Hawkins, Selby took to Twitter to testify publicly about his mental struggle. “I want to apologize to all my friends and family for disappointing them,” said the Englishman.

“Mentally I’m not in the best period at the moment. I had a setback. Packing everything up and holding a mask for myself is not the answer. I will seek help to become a better person.”

A day later, Selby returned to his Twitter confession. “Of all the matches I’ve won, speaking openly about my problems and admitting that I need help has been the biggest win.

Selby also tried to encourage other people with similar problems. “Now I have a feeling that I no longer have to hide behind a mask. For everyone who has ever tried this or is experiencing this: I know how you feel.”

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