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Wout van Aert risks a severe ban and a hefty fine

Wout van Aert risks a severe ban and a hefty fine

The lawsuit between Wout van Aert and Nick Nuyens is still pending and could cause serious problems for Van Aert…

The current transfer saga surrounding Cian Uitjdebroeks is reminiscent of the feud between Wout van Aert and Nick Nuyens. Van Aart terminated his contract with Nuens in 2018 because there had been tensions between the two for some time. According to Van Aert, there was an “urgent cause”, i.e. a serious error on the part of the employer, making any further cooperation impossible.

A fine of 662 thousand euros

The court initially followed this reasoning, but on appeal, Van Aart was awarded compensation of €662,000. The court spoke of a “largely exaggerated and disproportionate incident.”

Both gentlemen then went to cassation, where the case is still pending. If the Court of Cassation confirms the judge’s ruling on higher appeal, Van Aart could face more problems. The UCI could also impose a penalty on him, but they will wait for the Belgian court to rule.

4 months suspension

These penalties are not easy: Van Aart faces the risk of a four-month ban and a fine of at least 100,000 Swiss francs (about the same amount in euros). Jumbo-Visma could also receive a hefty fine. It is prohibited to sign with a passenger who is still under contract elsewhere. They are vulnerable to a fine of 500,000 Swiss francs (three times because it is outside the summer transfer window) and compensation of 13 months’ salary.

Fortunately, Nick Nuyens and his lawyer indicated that they would not insist on a suspension. “My client has little interest in this matter yet,” says attorney Rudy Desmet. The newspaper. They want money. “Jumbo should pay the same amount as Wout van Aert himself has already paid.”

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