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You will definitely enjoy yourself with this world style guide

An original walking guide to Europe: trails, trails

As in Europe, the different sidewalks are different. Whether you are on a sober city walk or an extensive trek through the mountains: the world in these countries is at your feet! Read our 14 tips>

An original walking guide to Oceania: nothing more than footprints

Below is the location for the interested hiker. Enjoy the final outing in Australia, find the green heart in Tahiti and get lost in the snow in New Zealand. Be inspired by these five treks! >

An Original Walking Guide to Asia: Zen in Nature

The bigger the Asian continent, the more diverse it is. It is a continent of rice paddies, karst mountains and volcanoes that cry out to be explored by foot. Take a hard climb in Bali, find a snowman in Bhutan or meet deer people in Mongolia. These are our 9 tips>

The Original Walking Guide to Africa: Back to Your Roots

The African continent is the cradle of all human civilization. In pure nature you return to your roots. It doesn’t stop at the steppes and savannahs: Africa is surprisingly different! Discover the African Grand Canyon, take a beach walk in the Atlantic Ocean or go mudflat hiking in Mozambique. 4 Original Ways for Walking Enthusiasts>

An original walking guide to the high and low Latin America

Central America and South America are full of ups and downs. In fact, because you reach paradise in the mountains of Corcovado in Brazil and go underground in Cuba. From the jungle to the beach, from the volcano to the island: Go for a walk with our 9 tips!

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