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Young magician impresses and Ruth Beckmans is in the air: This was 'Belgium's Got Talent' |  TV

Young magician impresses and Ruth Beckmans is in the air: This was ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’ | TV

TVNew week, new episode of “Belgium’s Got Talent”. During the first studio show last week, the dance talents in Dre mini robots Home with first place in the final. But Flanders watching TV was also allowed to vote in the meantime: they rewarded Samuel with a ticket to the next round. And of course there were also new talents eager to impress the jury, resulting in a dizzying mix of dance, acrobatics and fire.

11-year-old Lotte from Bri – better known as A lot (te) of bass – This show was the frontrunner on stage in ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’. During auditions, she played everyone in the house with her bass guitar and made the whole room dance. Tonight she brought her band for the occasion: the four teenagers performed on a wonderful orchestra filled with famous rock songs.

trampoline jumpers from Week Ostend He received the golden buzzer that he dreamed of from the audience after the audition. But also during the studio presentation they opened their mouths with their amazing act: they brought the story of Tarzan and Jane to life in an impressive way.

blew up during the test Kona (15) and Kato (16) From Assenede An Lemmens jury member quite off her feet, that’s what instantly earned her the golden bell. Also this time they came up with a painful choreography about how hard it can be to chase your dreams as a girl sometimes. Of course Anne was especially curious if the ladies were going to blow her out of her stockings again.

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TK Russell (27) from Ghent A cover was released for Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. He put out his best singing and dancing moves with “I Want to Start” Something and even sang a part in Lingala, his mother tongue. Sitting was still a very difficult task for everyone during the performance.

dancers Made2Move From Wettrain she dreams of international stages and wants to create dances for world stars like Beyoncé. With their act tonight, they’ve already made their automatic bid and base bid for a ticket to the final at ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’. But can they also showcase their talents there?

The Kalin Brothers From Maasmechelen managed to conquer the hearts of all members of the jury during the auditions. The two brothers hold hands on one stomach, even in real life: “We do everything together, except for going to the toilet,” the brothers winked. “And if the dance doesn’t work, we’ll open our own business as a hairdresser. Then let’s shave!” Quinn Waters gave some wild ideas: “If I make it to the final, you can cut my hair!”

He’s also literally getting hot in the studio because of Sar and Ruslan Fan’s fiery tango. Animation of fire arts. Although it got particularly hot with the jury member: “I really scary. I’m afraid of fire so I was thinking all the time: “Don’t get any closer, stay there on stage!” Although An was allowed to try everything from a safe distance, fellow judge Roth was asked after the act to take a seat on stage to learn the tricks of the trade. And like daring bravery, she rose to the challenge.

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Then there was the 17-year-old jonas From Liedekerke, who has long dreamed of being the first magician to win “Belgium’s Got Talent”. This week he enlisted Ruth as his graceful assistant on stage and made use of Davy’s mobile phone, Ann’s watch, and Bart’s wallet. Did everything end well?

“Belgium’s Got Talent”, every Friday at 8.35pm on VTM and via VTM GO

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