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Your next iPhone will have a smaller camera.

Your next iPhone will have a smaller camera.

New leaked images of the cases confirm what we previously suspected: the iPhone 16 will have one less camera. That would make the triple-camera setup a thing of the past.

More isn’t always better, at least not when it comes to cameras. The more parts you have, the more vulnerable your device becomes. And if you can do with less, why not? In any case, that seems to be the idea behind the streamlined camera design of the iPhone 16, which is still a couple of months away. Leaked images from TechNetBook already reveal what the cases will look like, featuring a cutout for two (vertical) camera lenses, instead of three. From this, we can conclude that the iPhone 16 will feature the discussed vertical camera setup.

Suitable for virtual reality

Last time we wrote about the alleged new camera setup, we already announced that it would apparently be better suited for capturing 3D photos. In other words, shots that you can then view on the Apple Vision Pro. This feature was previously only available on the iPhone 15 Pro. However, you probably didn’t miss much. Apple’s headphones turned out to be not very popular and high-resolution videos on the iPhone take up a lot of space. So it may be possible that some people will prefer to ignore the new model. Analysts have already predicted this before.

Better pictures then?

Image quality remains a good reason to consider buying a new model. In this area, you can count on a 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens. iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max owners will be happy with a 5x telephoto lens and an improved sensor. What’s more, all models will feature anti-glare, so your photos will always look sharp. This trick, called atomic layer deposition (ALD), should solve the well-known ghosting problem where your photo has a mysterious glow. Finally, some may like the dual-camera design better. It looks a bit more modest, but you get something in return, albeit in smaller quantities.

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