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“You’re In My Heart Forever”: Klasji Takes Emote…

“You’re In My Heart Forever”: Klasji Takes Emote…

Klaasje Meijer is no longer a member of the girl group K3. She gave her last performance on Sunday evening with Hanne and Marthe, who are called emotionally by expressing their love for their departed colleague. “We will miss you, Klassie.”

It came like a thunderbolt out of the blue in February, when Classgy announced it was leaving the K3. More than half a year later, her last performance with the girl group is now too. Six years later, an emotional evening resulted.

Klaasje’s classmates, Hanne and Marthe, made it an emotional evening. Studio 100 shared photos of the last words they had for Klaasje on Instagram. At first we hear Hanne say how charming she found her and how she really enjoyed the time together. “It was an honor to stand next to you and enjoy the magic. We had a lot of laughter and I learned a lot from you. We have become like sisters. I will miss you very much,” she said, tears running down her cheeks. But we will continue to see each other. You are really excellent.”

Then Martha took the floor. “I was already planning to prepare something, but soon realized that my letter would be too long. So I will keep it short. I want to start with the fact that I love you so much.” She enthusiastically and cheerfully praised Klassie, who always cheered her up when needed. “And that’s what made me go through all the hard times of those six years.”

They both said they understand the choice. “It feels good between us, and I hope we can keep it that way in the future.”

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The last word was, of course, for a very emotional Klaja. “Yes, I can now… What sweet words. This moment must come. But if there is, it is just as difficult. Your words touch me so deeply,” she said. “It is very difficult to finish this way now, but I know that I I made a deliberate decision.”

She thanked the audience, the crew, the technique, the dancers, but above all her colleagues. “I want to thank you for everything we’ve been through together, it’s been a really difficult time. But perhaps the most beautiful period of my life. And I’m so grateful to you for that. For all the support, for all the fun, for all the crazy things, for all the fun things and for all the hard things. Don’t forget You are forever in my heart.”

Watch the captivating moment here:

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