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Pap Bellins, 27, has a rare condition: 'It's time to change this...

Pap Bellins, 27, has a rare condition: ‘It’s time to change this…

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Actress and singer Bab Buelens will soon have to go under the knife. She reported it herself via Instagram. She says she’s had painful symptoms for years, but was only recently diagnosed: She has a rare condition.

“It is very wrong to only share good things here,” Buelens wrote. “This is very important. While I keep a lot of things private, it’s time to share this story and maybe help others.”

The singer then describes how she has struggled with painful symptoms of the disease for years, returning to the hospital for the first time when she was 10 years old. However, it was only recently that a correct diagnosis was made. Buelens suffers from NCS, or Nutcracker Syndrome. A fairly rare condition in which the left kidney artery is compressed between the aorta and the upper intestinal artery. This does not always have to lead to serious treatment, but it does require surgical intervention to remove the pressure.

“I was amazed by the severity of the problem and also why it took so long to find out, as well as my current doctors,” she said. “It also means that the problem cannot be solved with simple surgery, but will require major, frightening and risky surgery as (finally and hopefully) the solution.”

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