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Zottegem candidate in the game show "Blokken"

Zottegem candidate in the game show “Blokken”

Whether for loyal viewers of this VRT game show or for those who don't, there's even more reason to watch episode 6347 of the TV show “Blokken” today, Thursday (after all). After all, this would be the third time Tineke van de Velde from Velziki Appear as one of the favorites for the game. Having managed to advance to the final match in last Tuesday's and yesterday's Wednesday episodes and successfully completed them, our fellow town lady already has 2,000 euros in her pocket and today she is playing for another 1,000 euros and an additional Super Prize.

Of course, we won't reveal whether she did it successfully (the recordings were made about four weeks ago). To see if she can once again outsmart her opponent with enough correct answers to presenter Ben Crabbé's quiz questions and with the Tetris cubes on the game board that she can then play the final game again, you have to Today, Thursday at 6:30 pm on VRT 1 For coordination. Tieneke Van de Velde is a historian by training, then also studied journalism, and as a sports journalist, works, among other things, as an assistant in the VRT commentators' booth at cycling races.

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