Civilian, officers recognized for life-saving efforts

By Karen Kissiah

April 10, 2014

At 5:04 p.m. on March 26, an emergency call was dispatched to Cheraw Rescue and First Health Ambulance service in regards to a fall with injuries at Pee Dee Outfitters on Highway 9 in Cheraw.

Cheraw Police Officer Jerry Lundy responded to the call and when he arrived he found Joe Johnson performing CPR on fellow employee Doug Boan.

Lundy relieved Johnson and continued chest compressions. A short time later, Officer Bobby Driggers was on the scene and began assisting with CPR. Officer David Rainwater also assisted.

When First Health arrived emergency medics deployed the AED device on Boan, and after shocking him, were able to detect a heartbeat. Boan began to breathe then on his own.

Interim Police Chief Keith Thomas said emergency room physicians told his staff that had Johnson and the officers not begun CPR immediately Boan would probably not have survived the cardiac episode. At the very least, without the help of CPR, he would have likely suffered brain damage.

Each of the four men were presented with a Life Saving Award on Tuesday during the Cheraw Town Council meeting from the American Police Hall of Fame and a letter signed by Chief Jack L. Rinchich, president of the organization. The letter reads, in part:

“Your professionalism in an emergency situation displays your dedication to serve the public as a law enforcement officer. Your selfless act saved a human life and your actions should be recognized. the diligence and bravery you exhibited sets and admirable stander for all to follow.”