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12 times the best Spanish summer songs that never get bored

12 times the best Spanish summer songs that never get bored

It’s summer and that means you can and should enjoy the nice weather and long summer evenings. But if you can’t travel to Spain and still want to bring a little Spain nostalgia into your home, you can listen to our top 12 most popular Spanish summer songs of all time.

You may or may not know them all. Real Madrid fans will recognize the hits but to others, it feels like they have a new song summer hit to belong. But did you know that the hit of the summer isn’t a Spanish thing but an Italian thing? In 1964, the first summer hit was born in Italy.

But what is the hit of summer or, as it is called in Spain, “canción de verano”? In fact, it is a song that you will hear all summer and even summer after that on the radio or in discos and bars. You are constantly reminded of this and often by the end of summer you will have had enough.

A good and recent example is the 2019 summer song Despacito by Luis Fonsi FT. Daddy Yankee. This song was fun at the time, but you may not be able to hear the song now.

Top 12

Anyway we are now looking at the top 12 summer peaks in Spain where we started in 1965 then in the 70s, 80s, 90s and so on, and finish in 2019 because 2020 and 2021 weren’t really summer success years.

Chika Yi Yi (1965)

Conchita Velasco’s single “Chica Ye Ye” was the biggest hit in the summer of 1965. He may not be well known among non-Spanishers, but he’s still a karaoke classic.

Un rayo de sol (1970)

The summer of the 1970s got off to a good start with the Beatles’ Los Diablos winning Un rayo de sol. At the time, 450,000 copies of this song had been sold and Un rayo de sol was in the top 40 for 28 weeks, of which 15 weeks were in the first place.

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El baile de los pajaritos (1981)

This hit from the 80s sounds very familiar because it’s actually the Spanish version (with lyrics) of the Dutch “Vogeltjesdans” by Electronica. In Spain, Maria Jesus introduced the wonderful summer product El baile de los pajaritos in 1981.

La Lambada (1989)

Kauma achieved great international success with “La Lambada” in 1989, which was a hit not only in Spain but also in the summers of Holland and Belgium. Even today, everyone is trying to imitate the popular but difficult dance.

Amarillo Tractor (1992)

This hit by Zapato Veloz of Asturias became an (international) hit. With the celebration of the Olympic Games in Barcelona and the Seville Fair, Spain was the center of attention, and this “yellow jar” that has become a classic was celebrated, including at karaoke in Spain.

Amigos para siempre (1992)

There are two versions of this song, the opera version by Jose Carreras and Sarah Brightman, but also the more popular and summer version of Los Manolos. It’s a song with a lot of Spanish guitar and Catalan rumba style that was released in 1992 around the time of the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Another Los Manolos release that same year was “All my love,” a rumba version of the Beatles classic.

Macarena (1993)

The one Spanish hit that made everyone dance, from Bill Clinton to Boris Yeltsin to name a few. Los del Rio was a hit in Spain in 1993 but had little success in the Netherlands and Belgium with the song “Macarena”. But the 1996 Bayside Boys remix made the whole world suddenly dance to the Macarena dance.

La Bomba (2000)

The new century opened with the summer song “La Bomba” of the King of Africa. The singer/songwriter King Africa is succeeded by British/Argentine singer Alan Duffy, who scored international success in the summer with the modern version of a Bolivian song from 1990.

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Labarbaqua (2001)

Actually, ‘la Barbacoa’ goes back to 1994, but for some reason, this song by Frenchman Jorge Dane who lives in Spain became the hit song of the summer in 2001. Not that this singer should complain about the lack of hits Summer because he scored several (but modest) points such as: El Casatschok, El Bimbó, Carnaval, La Paloma blanca (yes, the one written by Dutch George Becker), El Chiringuito, El negro no puede and Viva el vino.

Asheri (2002)

No one really knows what this summer song is, but everyone sang happily with Las Ketchup’s classic “Asereje” whose chorus was based on a prequel to Sugarhill Gang’s Rappers Delight from 1979. They sang together: “Aserejé-ja-dejé. The jebe.” tu de jebere seibiunouva majavi an the bugui an de güididípi ‘… What do you say? It’s good to know that Las Ketchup is made up of four sisters Lola, Pilar, Lucia and Rosio Muñoz from Cordoba (Andalusia). In 2022, this song will be 20 years old!

Wakawaka (2010)

The song of the summer of 2010 was “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” by Colombian singer Shakira, who now lives in Barcelona. The cheerful song was specially composed for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. For Spain and the Spaniards, Waka Waka is very special because the national football team defeated the Netherlands in the World Cup final that year and became the world champion. That year Andres Iniesta was also known for his magical 116th minute goal and Pulpo Paul (Squid Paul), the predictive squid.

Despacito (2019)

Then we got to Spain’s most famous song, and perhaps Luis Fonsi’s latest summer hit, “Despacito.” This song became an international hit and was sung everywhere, including Holland and, of course, Belgium.