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3 new features for Google Maps: eco-tracks and bike navigation

3 new features for Google Maps: eco-tracks and bike navigation

Google announces that starting next year we will see eco-roads in Maps. Google will also roll out dedicated navigation for cyclists in the coming months. We discuss the next three features.

1. Environmental methods

We know it’s been talked about a lot. It’s been since then March this year I learned that Google Maps It will soon show the most environmentally friendly tracks. We are now getting new, more concrete information. In addition to the fastest route, you will also see a route in your navigation app that is about the same speed, but at the same time more friendly to your wallet and to the environment. This pertains, for example, to shorter routes that avoid motorways.

Google makes the astonishing prediction that eco-friendly methods can save our planet up to one million tons of carbon dioxide annually. This is equivalent to 200,000 cars being pulled off the road. If you just want to see the fastest route as an option, you can choose this in the Maps settings. Google says the new feature is now available in the US and is expected to roll out in Europe in 2022 In a blog post.

The eco-friendly option appears next to the fastest route

2. Cycling

Cyclists can actually use Maps to get around, at least if they accurately connect their phones to their bike. Driving with the phone in hand Of course forbidden. Google now offers a special feature called “Lite Navigation,” which allows you to see important information about your route at a glance without having to start your usual route routing or activate your screen all the time.

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You see your route on the map, the remaining time and distance, as well as your route elevation levels. With the push of a button, you can still start the full navigation if you wish. This simple navigation is also useful for cyclists who keep their phones in their pockets and stop every now and then to check the route. The feature will be rolling out to Android and iOS in the coming months.

3 new features for Google Maps: eco-tracks and bike navigation
Brief information can also be seen in a notification on your phone

3. Electric steps and partial bikes

Mobility has changed a lot in recent years, because shared (electric) bikes are gaining in popularity, and in many European countries you’ll also find shared scooters that get you seamlessly from A to B when there is no proper connection to public transport. Electric scooters are not yet allowed in the Netherlands at the moment.

Google notes that these new modes of transportation are gaining popularity, which is why Google has expanded the number of cities where you can find them on Google Maps. This is now possible in 300 cities around the world. For this purpose, Google works with local partners that offer bikes and scooters.

3 new features for Google Maps: eco-tracks and bike navigation
Maps will direct you to the application that belongs to the mode of transport

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