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Reality check.  Love Break Up to Face 'Love Island' Here's What You Need to Know About 'Big Brother' |  reality check

Reality check. Love Break Up to Face ‘Love Island’ Here’s What You Need to Know About ‘Big Brother’ | reality check

showbiz“Temptation”, “Ex On The Beach” or “Love Island”: these are the pleasures that we do not feel guilty about at all. And because we doubt you too, we love you every Friday Knowing the inside and the outside in the real world. New pets, fights, or other (former) TV character antics: you’ll find it all here.

Ayman is single again

Emin participated in the second season of “Love Island”. © SBS

She seemed very happy with her new love Sam, but unfortunately: More than two months after this young man appeared on her social media channels, contestant Imen’s relationship on Love Island ended. The Dutch reality star herself announced it on her Instagram Stories. “I just want to tell you that Sam and I are no longer together,” she wrote to her followers. No argument or hate. We’ve been dating for a while, but found out that we don’t get along well. I also wish Sam all the love and happiness in the world.”

A bitter pill for Emine, who was heartbroken during the second season of ‘Love Island’. Emine felt a strong attraction with Dutch surfer Remko from day one, and after a while it seemed mutual. Until (Eman) had a cold shower just before the final and then Remko admitted that he already had a girlfriend in Holland. Emine admitted that she had lost her faith in love, and that it would be a while before she opened her heart again. “I will no longer make the mistake of choosing someone who has no control over their emotions,” she told Family TV Weekly after her release. “A man who wants to invade me must go for me one hundred percent.”

Three times charm?

the contestant in

‘Love Island’ contestant Imen is single again. © RV

Cotton memory!


“Island of Temptation” contestant Milo. © SBS

She took part in ‘Temptation Island’ with then-boyfriend Heikki and survived the final relationship test without major issues, but soon after, Milo Dutch and her Belgian boyfriend Heikki are still separated. Milo’s feelings vanished, though Hickey still hoped for reconciliation. It eventually happened a few times, but in May 2020 the couple finally broke up.

not this Our Melok Sad about this for a long time. After all, at the beginning of 2021 it became known that the blonde has a new boyfriend. I fell in love with Martijn van Leeuwen, an international business student and also a successful Carter. A year later, the two are still very happy with each other, and the Dutch like to show this to the outside world. “I’m ready with you for several years,” it says on Instagram. We love it!

Generation vs. Expectations: A True Story.

Jill Knud appeared in the series

Jill Knud has appeared on “Young Wolves”, a reality series that follows young entrepreneurs. © VTM

She’s made famous in the movie ‘Young Wolves’ as a woman who is very committed to healthy food, and a target weight almost automatically seems to be part of that. However, during a recent Q&A on her Instagram Stories, entrepreneur Jill Knud smashed that idea. “I don’t really have an ‘ideal weight’; that’s how I feel,” she writes. “I always tell my clients not to focus too much on that number on the scale, and that they should look at what they find themselves beautiful… It’s not because you weigh fifty kilograms that you have the perfect weight. Or that you are too fat when you are seventy or eighty kilograms. This is understood by many people.”

Next, Jill points out that she sometimes feels a certain pressure to look skinny and tight. “For me personally, being a healthy girl is my number one priority,” she says. “But I have to say: By my job—certainly as a ‘Bikinibody’—there is sometimes some kind of pressure on me…I am very motivated and like to look good, without being allowed to do all sorts of things.. Live life with all it’s in, adjust a few things here and there and sometimes make an action disinfection To give your body a boost.” We know that again.

Jill Knoda admits that she sometimes feels pressured to look good.

Jill Knoda admits that she sometimes feels pressured to look good. © RV

Boeleke, boeleke, boeleke…

Kiara Nam Diel Ann

Kiara Nam Diel Ann “Island of Temptation” in “X on the Beach: Double Dutch”. © MTV

She has participated in ‘Temptation Island’ and ‘Ex on the beach: Double Dutch’ in the past, but nowadays Kiara Kramers’ life looks a lot different. The reality star and her boyfriend Robert will be parents to a son for the foreseeable future. During an Instagram Stories question-and-answer session, a brunette answered some questions about her pregnancy. Chiara said, among other things, that she is due on February 3, but is hopeful that her baby will be born on either January 22 or February 2. “I don’t have a special reason for this, I just think they’re pretty dates,” it seems.

When one of her followers asked her what was difficult for her during her pregnancy, Chiara shows herself very honestly. For example, the reality star—who isn’t planning to breastfeed to lose weight—admits that her pregnant body is coping. “I’ve had a hard time taking pictures from the past, seeing how thin I was. I really had to come to terms with the idea of ​​’being overweight,'” she says. Kiara says she’s looking forward to giving birth, though she notes that she’s not complaining about her pregnancy. .“I’ve never even been pity. Robert finds me very happy now,” she laughs.

Advance the former seductress in

Former “Temptation Island” seductress Kiara gives some information about her pregnancy. Anyone who wears glasses/has good eyes can read this! © RV

is not it?

Leon Verdonchot has been mentioned as the new - and slightly hated - voice of

Leon Verdonchot has been mentioned as the new – and slightly hated – voice of “Big Brother”. © GARDEN

The new season of “Big Brother” has just begun, but viewers of the reality series have reason to complain. It’s not just about the new residents, it’s about the “big brother” voice. Last season it was Belgian actor (voice) Jeroen Meder, but this time a new voice was chosen. Which angered the public. They are disturbed by incomprehensible sounds, and therefore they wonder which miscreant is hiding behind the microphone.

The Instagram account “real.fbi” now thinks it knows the answer: They’re pointing the finger at Limburg journalist/writer/presenter Leon Verdonchot. In 2008 he presented the literary program “Something with Books” with Jan Laers, and is now going to do “Something with sound distorters.” Moreover, Reality.fbi believes that Leon may soon be replaced with an audio commentary without an accent. Unfortunately, we cannot say whether this is true or not. Inquiries at SBS have not made us any wiser. The channel group says that it does not make any statements about it. The voice changers are probably gone.

according to

According to the “reality.fbi” Instagram account, Leon Verdonchot will be the voice of “Big Brother”. © RV

Nominate, nominate, whoever does his best will learn …


Contestants “Big Brother” Serkan and Kristof. Someone should be the first to leave the house on Saturday. © SBS

They stayed at Big Brother’s house for barely a week, but tomorrow night one of the participants has to pack their bags again. In any case, it would be a Flemish resident. Adventurer Serkan, 28, and singer Christophe Carpentier, 30, failed – unfortunately for them – to impress their fellow candidates. Viewers now have until tomorrow evening to decide who can extend their stay.

When the nominations were announced, something went wrong with the audio. This gave Serkan and Kristof a temporary moratorium on executions. “The nomination round has already been on hold for a while,” this sounds on SBS. “Residents were immediately informed of the situation, and advertising was soon resumed after technical problems were resolved.”

master it

Stephanie Matt

Stephanie Matt © RV

We wrap up this week with a letter we can’t even believe we’re writing. With (stink) thanks to Stephanie Matto, who appeared in Season 6 of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.” Then Stephanie formed a couple with the Australian Erica, but their relationship did not turn into a dream come true. Through her passage in the TLC series, Stephanie became very famous. Apparently, it paid off in the strangest ways, too. For example, the reality star earned about fifty thousand dollars a week – we’re not making this up – selling gases in a bottle. In a jar of a thousand dollars.

profitable business, but indication Unfortunately it stopped. “I was recently hospitalized,” Matto explains of her decision. “I thought I had a stroke and it was my last hour. This sounds very dramatic, but I’m not exaggerating. Once I got to the hospital, the doctors told me I hadn’t had a stroke or a heart attack, but rather had severe ‘gas pains’. The fault of my job, as I eat a lot of beans and eggs that generate gas. I have been advised to change my diet and take medicine that prevents gas. That is why I have to close my business.” This is a fee.

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