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6-3!  City and Leicester put on a great show on Boxing Day: De Bruyne scores well, Tillmans plays unfortunate |  sports

6-3! City and Leicester put on a great show on Boxing Day: De Bruyne scores well, Tillmans plays unfortunate | sports

Premier LeagueBoxing day full of spectacle and leadership roles for the Red Devils. Manchester City and Leicester tied 4-0 after 25 minutes of the opening goal scored by Kevin De Bruyne and two penalties from Yuri Tillmans. A stark contrast between demons. And outright beatings are inevitable, you think. But Leicester fought back again after the first half. No miracle happened: City won (6-3), the strongest leader in England.

The person with the wide smile. The other with a bowed head. The contrast between Kevin De Bruyne and Yuri Tillmans couldn’t be greater in the first half. Then the score was 4-0, the numbers that were already on the scoreboard after 25 minutes. De Bruyne and Tielemans played a leading role. Kevin is positive, Yuri is bad.

City’s strong start resulted in the opening goal after just 5 minutes. De Bruyne controlled the penalty area well, liberated and fired a powerful shot past Schmeichel on the left flank. Kevin’s fifth goal in the English Premier League. Batting: assists are still behind his name.

His flash was the start of the beating. And one with a painful role for Telemans. At first he bragged about throwing Laporte to the ground. The video assistant referee was harsh and scored a wonderful goal from the penalty kick as well. Unfortunately it could have been worse. Sterling passed Tillmans, and the midfielder reflexively stuck to his foot. penalty again. Sterling put himself behind the ball and scored straight ahead. Between Tillmans’ two moments, Gundogan also found the net. It became a complete humiliation half an hour ago.

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Tillman is disappointed.
Tillman is disappointed. © Action Images via Reuters

But… after the break, City – already certain they had a six-point lead over Liverpool – lifted their foot off the gas pedal a lot. Leicester struggled and took advantage of the spaces in the team’s defense. Substitute Castanee sent Madison deep, after a low slip that was 4-1. Four minutes later, he put Lockman out of reach of the City keeper. 4-2. Six minutes later, Iheanacho scored in the rebound after a powerful blow from Madison. 4-3. is not it? Supporters of foxes were loudly dreaming of a Christmas miracle.

Guardiola turned pale in hiding but saw City wake up just in time. The result. Laporte headed the ball hard, and Sterling scored the final score 6-3 just before time. Not a strong comeback after a great match. Leder City double their lead over Liverpool, who won’t play until Tuesday.

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