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Madonna is not popular in Denmark: “Her concert was a long disappointment” |  Celebrities

Madonna is not popular in Denmark: “Her concert was a long disappointment” | Celebrities

celebritiesMadonna (65 years old) is not popular in Denmark. On Wednesday evening, she was late – just as she had in Antwerp – and showed up about half an hour later than planned at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena, Danish newspaper BT reported. Moreover, the reactions and reviews about the concert were remarkably harsh for the Queen of Pop.

Not only did Madonna make her Belgian fans wait, but spectators also had to be very patient in the Danish capital. She took the stage only half an hour later than scheduled. The American star did not give a reason for the delay. According to our information, Madonna suffered from knee problems while in Antwerp, so perhaps this was also the reason for the delay in Copenhagen.

As in Antwerp, the Danes were not “amused” that Madonna made them wait. But the audience seems to have been tested in other ways as well. For example, reviews in Ekstra Bladet and BT, the country’s largest newspapers, were strikingly negative. “It’s been a lingering disappointment,” BT reviewer Christian Dam Nygaard wrote. According to him, the whole event was “more of a circus than a show” and the spectacle was not captivating. “There were so many long dance segments and theatrical interludes, which made the concert something you had to stare at for a long time.”

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“It was embarrassing”

Ekstra Bladet’s Thomas Treu also had his doubts. “Madonna officially sings live. But she doesn’t do it unofficially,” he wrote. “Anyway, you rarely heard her sing. For a long time it was artificial and irrelevant. The entire show. “It was embarrassing at times.” On the other hand, he praises the visual elements during the concert.

Several other negative reactions appeared in the Danish press. For example, Casper Schott-Jensen of “Jyllands-Posten” believes that the international star “disappeared in her own show”, and the critic of “Berlingske” says that it is “difficult” to feel “the person behind the costumes.” “Most of her songs have been released in danceable versions, but seeing Madonna carrying a loud electric guitar was weird,” she said. Or as Simon Lund, a critic for Politiken magazine, puts it: “Madonna didn’t come to Copenhagen to give a show, but to make a statement about the show. She also told a personal story somewhere, though that fizzled out after the euphoric beginning. As if… The text is only half complete.

Madonna will perform another concert at the Royal Arena on Thursday evening.

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