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8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Prince George

Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is already a real personality at the age of eight. It is not for nothing that he already has many royal fans. Because Cambridges keep their personal lives very … private Hello! Magazine Looking for fun facts about young people Government

  1. A special birth

Many may not have known that George’s birth was such a special moment. This is the second time that three generations in a row to the throne have survived simultaneously. After Prince Charles and Prince William, it was time for Prince George to ascend the throne. It was truly a rare day, as it last happened between 1894 and 1901 at the end of the reign of Queen Victoria.

2. Creating flying time at a young age

Being third on the throne, it is inevitable that you will be given royal responsibilities at a young age. When George was nine months old, he was already with his parents on state tours of New Zealand and Australia. Although only seen twice, the crown BBC Which has already made him the ‘star of the show’.

Little George on his first official tour. Source: Brunopress

3. Many God parents

Cambridge has always had big birthdays, and that includes everything related to the size of the parents. Prince George has seven (!) Godparents. So there is no famine for those who see him. Who are they? Zara Tyndall, Oliver Baker, Earl Crosswener (Hugh), Jamie Lother-Pinkerton, David Jordin-Patterson, Mrs. Michael Samuel and William von Katchem.

4. Style icon

Thai Kate is not only a true fashionista, George can use it too. His mother or nanny admits to helping, but he seems right every time. It is not strange that in 2015 he was ranked 49th in the ‘Top 50 Best Dressed Men in Great Britain’. GQHe was tooBest dressedFrom the list Dodler

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5. He likes to dance

That is a very pleasing fact to us. The young prince is an avid fan of dance. Prince William once shared this during the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards: “George dances too, and he loves it. My mom always danced and she loved to dance. If it’s your favorite thing to do, do what you love. Do not tell anyone else. ”

6. He likes football

George, like Prince William, is a sports enthusiast and a member of his school’s football team. He also seems to support the same football team as his father Aston Villa. We saw him show sympathy in football when England lost in the final of the European Championship 2020. But he is also in rugby, so he was on the stand with William and Kate during the recent rugby match between England and Wales.

Little Royal was recently in a rugby match with his parents. Source: Brunopress

7 He has his cheek moments

We see the little one Government Usually make a funny face, so this fact should not surprise us. Prince William even said in an interview that George was a little naughty, but he finds many similarities. “He reminds me of my brother or me when I was younger. I’m not sure, but he’s fine now. “

8. He cooks a lot with Kate

Kate mentions that she is often in the kitchen with her children at times, but that her children also sometimes cook for her. Kate said when they went to Lavender Primary School in London they had recently made pasta together. “One stirs the dough, the other adds milk and butter,” says mother Kate proudly.

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Source: Hello! Magazine | Image: Brunopress