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99-year-old-style icons and dresses made with lovable toys: you want to see this gallery of eternal youth

99-year-old-style icons and dresses made with lovable toys: you want to see this gallery of eternal youth

What immediately stands out when you see the exhibition YouthQuick At the Kunsthalle Rotterdam: everywhere you see brilliant people. Kids marvel at the suits that their peers have worn for centuries and enthusiastically refer to dresses designed with Elmo and Hello Kitty velor. Seniors identify themselves with trends from their youth and are inspired by the images of 99-year-old Iris Apfel, the eternal youthful fashion icon.

Fashion and “eternal youth”, these are the main themes of YouthQuick. In the center of Hall 1 at Kunsthal is a circular video installation, where you can stand in the middle and where flashes of image and sound fly around your ears. From there you can visit four rooms, each with its own theme:

mini me

Did you know that children’s clothing has only become a thing since 1900? Before that, children wore miniature versions of their parents’ clothes. It’s not always practical… You’ll understand it right away when you see 19th century silk and silk baby ponchos on display here.

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Photo: Endport Rotterdam

BUT: In this room, you don’t just see beams from the past. Items from the Dior and Gucci children’s collections show how excited parents are in 2021 to receive mini me walking beside them.

To be forever young

In this space, you travel through the past decades, based on various appearances from the Modemuseum Hasselt Collection. Mary Quant mini dresses, psychedelic printed jumpsuits; You can see the spirit of the times in these clothes. Think of the Garçonne trend among women in the 1920s: shapeless sequin dresses and boyish hairstyles reveal emerging emancipation.

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Youthquick Constellation Soup Dress
Photo: Endport Rotterdam

Also interesting: the rebellious youth of the 1960s. Here you can clearly see what this wonderful and lasting impression left. Since then, what young people wear has become a source of inspiration and a standard for designers.

youth sale

At least we thought this space had something weird: in parts of “Forever” you can see how Americans in their 60s continue to strive for a young body. Hello plastic surgery! Juno Calypso’s great photo series (but really cool photos!) is also about all the things people do to stay young: fillers, corrective underwear, name it what you want.

good old age

After these images, which you can still feel in your stomach, the fourth and final room is guaranteed to leave the gallery cheerful and full of inspiration. see the grandma look: Young people who are making hip “grandmother’s clothes” again. This is the opposite look by Bas Kosters, JimmyPaul and Walter van Beirendonck, whose collections are based on the children’s colorful fantasy world.

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YouthQuick Constellation Elmo Hello Kitty
Photo: Endport Rotterdam

This space also shows how diversity is given a place in the fashion world. Gone are the days of just skinny teens in campaigns and on catwalks. We see more and more vintage models and style icons, who have advanced style Proving that such a higher age has nothing to do with “dull and gray”. World famous fashion icon Iris Apfel may now be 99; Cosmetic procedures are not for her. Think, live and dress young – this is her formula for success.

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After your visit to Youthquake, you can (and highly recommend) continue on to Other exhibits which are currently on display at Kunsthal, such as We Are Animals. Book your time today, because Youthquake can be admired until August 22, 2021.