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A big short circuit in Natalie, Denis and Candace also sees obstacles: 'Blind Married' approaches the finish line |  Blind Married 2021

A big short circuit in Natalie, Denis and Candace also sees obstacles: ‘Blind Married’ approaches the finish line | Blind Married 2021

TVThe “blind married” experiment is fast approaching the finish line. Next week will be the first moment to make a decision, but we are already providing our forecasts for the remaining three pairs. Only Candice & Marijn definitely say yes to each other. Natalie and Denise want to continue living together for a while, but they will give up later. Hanne & Dave immediately put an end to their marriage.

We aim for tough expectations. Only one in four marriages has blossomed after this season of “Blind Married”. With the benefit of suspicion for Natalie and Denise. Although in our opinion it would end up with a minor key for this duo as well. After all, for love you have to be in pairs. Nothing to do about it. Last week, Veerle & Sven’s marriage broke out over the 1950s. Ferrell did not want to live with Sven for a day and let her marriage have immediate effect. She left a shattered Sven behind.

In Episode 9, Extremely Quiet, first with beautiful photos from Hanne & Dave’s wedding day and with half an hour of gaming with some psychological inclination, we learn an amazing bit about Dennis’s state of mind. During the closing of the “campfire” where everyone was allowed to express compliments, it became clear that he was very frustrated. Without a doubt, the remarkable spontaneity of Candace and Marín was not strange. Obviously, the fact that Denise revealed himself completely again as the man who had “ stunned Natalie ” and wanted to establish a relationship with her from the very first moment, but now nothing got to the plea, was tough. He was very uncomfortable about it. The Leuven Bears basketball team commercial representative has clearly gained insight into his marital status. His immediate crush has not been reciprocated from the moment Princess Natalie entered his life. The fact that she had never lived with a partner before turned into a major obstacle. In our opinion, a very big obstacle.

Pilot flame

This frustrating note will later, during the last week of living together, lead to a major short circuit. It’s Natalie who solved that delicately. But if the pilot light’s burnout continued after only ten weeks, we wouldn’t expect a major fire. The two may decide to continue the experiment for a while. However, we fear that after that extra time even the pilot’s light will be turned off. And that Natalie will finish Dennis’s dream.

At Hanne & Dave, we are convinced the two will immediately end their “blind married” status at the point of decision. Yes, there was a wake-up call during the weekend at the castle, with another very eager Dave running through it smoothly. And it is with Hanne that she realizes that she may have walked her own path a little. But we also have to be honest and stay honest. We don’t believe much of Dave’s sudden boom. Instead, let’s keep it counting down to the end of the trial period. After all, there is little or no question even about a splash of love. Hardly even pure pretty friendship. On a perfect walk along the water, we imagine something different about two people walking in order next to each other. Shaking hands, rounding, kissing, none of that. All those weeks we were hungry with the conclusion that Dave might have emotionally cheated on “Hani”. However, he never said to the camera that he actually didn’t like it. But he didn’t go further than saying that he found the wedding day so special.

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The next two weeks are the decision-making moments for the three husbands. After that, relations will be “refreshed” at the end of April.

We examine the pairs separately:

Hanne & Dave: “We quickly realized there were connection issues”

The intense photos of their wedding day were extremely hot. Although it turns out that Dave was on a distant planet that day. After all, it didn’t make it clear to Hanne that she always fills in “difficult” silence. She does not give up. She wants to get to know Dave better. Hello Dave ?! As an accomplished artist – Ha Dev Panamarenko – he forged his niche into a work of art. For the first time, Hanne understood who she was actually married to. And that there were many connection problems. Remarkably, Dave has made it clear that he wants to fight until the last minute for his marriage to Han. However, we didn’t notice much fighting spirit in recent episodes.

Chances of success: 5% (10%).

Natalie and Denise: “It was as if he had run out of words.”

In the performance of “Blind Married”, they seemed to be the couple with the most potential. Beautiful woman, handsome man. Stand, style and level. And we still find that after nine episodes. But in the meantime, we realized something was wrong. To Natalie. According to the matchmakers, she had and still has everything she wanted in life: a private home, a good job, loving parents, and a close circle of friends. But not a man. Single for a few years and we didn’t really live together. Then some alarms went off. “I don’t fall in love easily. I don’t count at all on a Foudry coup. I am looking for an entrepreneur but also someone who gives me space and time to fall in love.”

Denise looked like the perfect man. Amazed from the first day. Around the last day. He only fell flat at the weekend at Bernim Castle: for true love, for a successful marriage, you have to want to have it with two. With Nathalie is the Echternach parade. But then three steps back instead of two. The bomb exploded without the cameras. At first he remained silent. “It was as if his words were gone,” concluded Natalie. But Denise was clear: “I can’t muster it without a sledgehammer.” In the end, everything was thoroughly discussed. However, there was no longer any question of great love. The big question is whether Natalie and Denise will allow themselves some extra time to save their marriage.

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Chances of success: 5% (25%).

Candice & Marijn: “I can’t In the middle of nothing Neighborhood “

Recall of the first episode of “Blind Married” for this season. Candice, Van Beveren-Vas, knows that she is just getting married. With a completely unknown man. Her father, Luke, is immediately on guard. As long as it is not “across the water.” Be careful with “den tunèl,” apparently. Kennedy Tunnel means dad. The daily disturbance of tens of thousands of drivers. But even though Candace doesn’t know yet that her husband lives in Bencom, so on the “other side,” she makes it clear that this is insurmountable. “If it’s really a match, I want to do it. Don’t mind. We’ll find a solution.”

In recent weeks, the tunnel turned out to be the only point of contention between Candace and Marin. And so our project manager went on another assignment with Candace. Nice outing, idyllic pictures, everywhere, animals everywhere. It looked like, “There is space, peace, you name it.” But Candace stayed on the ground. “I can’t imagine living here In the middle of nothing, seemed. As if Beveren-Waas is “the city that never sleeps,” we thought. Well, it was and still is a nice discussion point that we loved to follow. Of course it also says something about Candace’s resilience. Dad, mom, friends, school … but she’s also a traveler around the world. Then the trip back to Binkom could not be an issue. “Smooth sailing” as they describe themselves.

Chances of success: 100% (95%).

Ferrell and Sven

Chances of success: premature marriage contract

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