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Opnieuw geen Gentse Feesten door coronavirus

Again no Ghent celebrations due to Coronavirus (Ghent)

Gent –

Ghent’s celebrations have been canceled for the second year in a row. This will likely be announced by Festivities Annelies Storms (Vooruit) during a press conference on Monday. The reason is easy to guess: Coronavirus and high infection rates.

According to the city council, the watered-down version of the Ghent ceremonies would have no meaning. Moreover, no one awaits the logistical nightmare when the vaccinated and unvaccinated must be distinguished.

The fact that the city takes the lead before the federal government makes a decision has a lot to do with the arena organizers. They must be able to start or stop their preparations three months before the Ghent celebrations begin. To provide organizers with more visibility, Storms Ships will be sitting with them around the table at Monday’s press conference.


Evan Sirens, the organizer of the Saint Pavilion apron, already felt the pouring rain. “Obviously these will not be normal Ghent celebrations. How should they manage all of this properly and safely? We have to see if there is support for postponing celebrations, say, August. But the budget can also be moved to 2022, because we will all want At work the extra effort after that. “

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