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A girl (13) is not allowed to be in a water park after being weighed, mother...

A girl (13) is not allowed to be in a water park after being weighed, mother…

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An Australian mother accuses water park operators of physical defamation because her teenage daughter was first made to stand on a scale and then denied entry to an attraction. “humiliating”.

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Adventure World, a water park in Perth, Australia, has apologized for installing the scale system. Visitors were first weighed for “safety reasons” before they were allowed to be at the attraction. Those who got the green light were allowed to continue. At the red light, you were denied entry and had to leave the line.

“My thirteen year old daughter got one red light and had to go in walking shyly”, one of the mothers denounced the system in the local media. “A staff member approached her after weighing and said: You weigh so much, you’re not allowed to have that cuteness. You have to get off the line. And that’s while others were waiting to hear it clearly. This is a disgrace to the body. Humiliating and embarrassing.”

Meanwhile, the water park’s CEO, Andrew Shari, spoke to the family and apologized via Facebook. “Our intention was to increase security, but we communicated poorly and disturbed our guests. I now see that the system can be painful for some guests. Our goal is to bring happy and charming memories to our guests, not to cause them distress. We are very sorry.”

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