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A new Predator movie with a strange title and comparison to The Revenant

A new Predator movie with a strange title and comparison to The Revenant

No jungle trip This week, John Davis and John Fox, the film’s producers, spoke to the press and were also asked about the new predatorThe movie has an official title Skull Wear, wear.

Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) directed by the film that shows how to be the first predator Those who came to our planet perished. In the film, whose shooting is almost over, the main character is Comanche, a Native American actress. amber midthunder It is played. Screenplay written by Patrick Ayson.

According to Davies, the movie will remove all the bullshit, thus becoming similar to the first Predator: a survival movie where two characters have to outdo each other in the wild. According to Davies:

“We will return to what succeeded in the first Predator. The ingenuity of a human who does not know how to give up, who watches and explains to defeat a much stronger creature. The film is more like The Revenant than anything else the Predator movie.” You’ll know what I mean when you watch the movie. We are still in the early stages of production.”

Davis didn’t say exactly what time period the movie was shown, but he did reveal that this idea had been circulating in Hollywood for years and was secretly developed. He also has nothing but good words for director Trachtenberg:

“When I watch the daily shots, I see how he has a completely different vision. He has his own innovative, brilliant and interesting visual language.”

Finally, Davis promised it Skull He will at least be able to compete with the first film, but understands that the level is high:

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“I think it would be the second best or even the best movie in the franchise. Or just as good as the first. The first Predator was a great and interesting movie and I know why it was a success. But we didn’t get back to that first idea. I think that’s a good match with the first part. It’s going to be good.”