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Dwayne Johnson's New Jungle Cruise movie reviews: The Top or the Flop?

Dwayne Johnson’s New Jungle Cruise movie reviews: The Top or the Flop?

After the first reactions on social media, we now traditionally have the first reviews of jungle trip. The film is a real medium for the actor Dwayne Johnson as an actress Emily Blunt.

The movie is based on the Disneyland attraction of the same name. At its center is Captain Frank “Skipper” Wolf, the man of the riverboat hired by British scientist Dr. Lily Hutton to lead her and her brother on a trek into the woods. Together, they must try to speed up the Legendary Tree of Life. , with a German expedition on its way as well.

After a period of development that lasted nearly twenty years, the film finally got here. But is it also worth watching?

CNN: “The Jungle Cruise makes the best of it, a light-hearted adventure very reminiscent of The Mummy and several Disney productions.”

Roger Ebert: “In the set of Disney attractions-based films, the Jungle Cruise is very good—much better than Haunted Mansion, but not quite as satisfying as the original Pirates of the Caribbean.”

empire: “The credit goes only to its two co-stars, who make it watchable. Because the movie is a derivative, it doesn’t deserve their appeal. Just watch The Mummy again.”

Washington Post: “Like the ride itself, it takes no more mental attention than it does on an average ride (except for a roller coaster, which actually raises your heart rate).”

radar games: “Jaume Collet-Serra’s Amazon adventure does its best to entertain. But it gets to a point where it becomes exhausting.”