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Lucasfilms hires deepfake creator who fixed Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian

Lucasfilms hires deepfake creator who fixed Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian

Members The Mandalorian Collectively he raised their eyebrows the moment Luke Skywalker entered the second season of the series. Without giving too many spoilers, it has young Luke Skywalker, a remade computer-generated version of actor Mark Hamill. Many fans believed that Skywalker looked fake.

YouTuber Shamook thought he could do a better job and deep faked the scene based on old footage of Mark Hamill. The video has been viewed more than two million times as of the time of writing, and Shamuk has landed a new job. set Great Face Capture Artist At Lucasfilms/ILM.

Commenting on a recent video, Shamuk said he ran out of time for his YouTube content because he took a new job at Star Wars studio and popular special effects company Industrial Light and Magic.

IndieWire has been confirmed by ILM to bring Shamook. A spokesperson said that ILM is always looking for talented artists and that the company has invested a lot of time in machine learning and artificial intelligence for special effects in recent years.

Shamuk deep-fake Luke Skywalker in four days. Use the open source deepfake tool DeepFaceLab for this. He trained the algorithm using old footage of Mark Hamill. He says he can’t do much to improve the animation and mouth sync. So he must have the original photo of the actor who was Skywalker in the new shoot The Mandalorian Before his head was replaced by CGI. And he had to make the video quickly for the Christmas holidays, so he wasn’t “100 percent happy with the quality” himself. However, they gave him the job.

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Shamook is one of the biggest fake YouTubers out there right now. Among other things, he did a deepfake of Harrison Ford in singleFilm, Van Mel Gibson in Mad Madness: The Road to Rage Tarkin and Leia improved in rogue one. Shamook isn’t alone in using deepfake technology to improve Luke Skywalker’s scene. Filmmakers’ group Corridor Digital has also made an attempt. These Skywalker makers replaced the weakness of Skywalker’s body from the original with another actor, in order to solve the problem Shamook faced.

Note: This video is a spoiler for the second season of The Mandalorian.